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Beauty talk | Dark spots 101

Good morning beauties of life

Today, i decided to do a post on dark spots/patches because i've noticed that a lot ladies have issues with annoying dark spots on their faces and on other parts of their skin, marring their would-have-been flawless complexion.

I get asked about dark spots all the time......everyone wants to know how to get rid of them (who wouldn't?) So today, i dedicate a post to those annoying spots. Here, you would learn what causes them, how to prevent them and how to clear them. I would also include a few natural recipes that you can use on the 'lil devils. This is a lengthy post, but i'll advise you to bookmark this page for future references.

Ok so are you reaaady??!!



The big question! Dark spots or patches are called 'hyperpigmentation' and it happens when the skin produces excess melanin. From the research i did, i found out that whenever there's a skin injury or disease, the skin produces extra melanin to protect itself. The more melanin that is produced, the darker the skin will appear.

There are quite a number of issues that triggers the excessive melanin production ranging from skin diseases (especially acne and excema), the sun, pregnancy (yes pregnancy!), liver diseases (and a host of other diseases),  and even some kinds of medications too! Some medicines can sensitize your skin to the sun and cause the dark spots, while some others can still cause the dark spots even without exposure to the sun.

Now the most common cause of darkspots is acne. A lot of people are prone to acne, but for some of us it's worse than the others! The annoying part is that the acne also leaves dark scars on the face long after it's gone.
Those who suffer heavy acne are most likely to have heavy scarring especially if they pick at the pimples and try to burst them.


Well, the good news is that those dark spots will fade by themselves, but the bad news is that it may take up to two years for the skin to return to a nice, even tone. But if you don't feel like waiting for it to clear on it's own (who does? There's no time!), you can hasten the process by using some products (natural or store-bought) to clear them.

Another thing you can do to hasten their departure is avoid prolonged sun exposure. Sun exposure can darken those spots and extend their stay on your skin. If you do go out in the sun, be sure to apply protective sunscreen with a high SPF number (some creams have SPF).

There are some skin lightening creams and chemical peels that can be used to clear out the dark spots but it's important that you consult a dermatologist to prescribe them for you,because using an unsuitable one can cause rashes and irritation.

Below, i have listed out some natural recipes which are safe to use to clear out the spots.


I prefer natural remedies anytime .... any day because in general, natural ingredients are safer and what's more? They are waaay cheaper than their chemical counterparts!


Lemon and lime

Lemon & Lime juices both contain citric acid. Because of the high acidity, these juices act as a natural peel and will quickly fade dark spots & marks on the skin. Take about a cap full of the juice, dab each dark spot with the juice using a cotton-ball, or smear the juice on the dark patch and allow to dry.  After it has dried, rinse your face and moisturize as normal.


Mix about a tablespoon of milk & 2 tablespoons of honey and apply the entire face.  After about 15 minutes, rinse with luke warm or cool water. This can be done at night 1 to 2 times a week. Alternatively, for a thicker and less messy mixture, use plain yogurt in place of milk.


Vitamin E Oil can effectively fade blemishes and also improve the skin's elasticity.  Vitamin E can be purchased in capsules where ever vitamins are sold. Simply break open the capsule and rub the contents on your blemishes in the morning and at night before bed.


Turmeric powder

Turmeric and honey are known for their power to lighten skin. Applying turmeric remedy will remove dark spots quickly. You can mix turmeric powder with honey and olive oil to make a remedy for massaging the black spots and clear them fast. It can also be combined with milk to make a paste.

You can also mix turmeric, milk and lemon juice or honey to make a thick paste.
Apply it daily to your face or part of the skin with dark skin spots or patches.
Leave the paste on for a few minutes and wash it off using lukewarm water.
Do this repetitively for a few weeks to get rid of dark spots naturally.


Potato is also another great home-made treatment for black spots. You can use potato juice for dark spots removal. It is commonly used as an effective remedy for dark eye circles, but you can now use it as a treatment or cure to fade and lighten black spots on the skin. Take a few fresh potatoes and slice them up. Put the slices directly onto the skin with black patches and leave it on for a few minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water, especially if you are trying to remove acne spots from face.

You can also make a homemade potato mask using potato paste by combining honey with grated potatoes. Use it regularly to bleach the skin and give you a lighter skin tone fast.


Castor oil for dark spots is an excellent homemade remedy for removing dark spots from the face because it has anti-inflammatory, bleaching and acidic properties. Castor oil can get rid of dark spots within a few weeks. Just get pure castor oil and rub it gently into your dark spots using your fingertips, leave it on for about half an hour, then wash your skin with lukewarm water.
Repeat this procedure about two times a day to remove dark patches quickly. If you don't have castor oil, you can opt for coconut oil as it has the power to remove black spots too.

Now all these remedies listed above work gradually. Don't expect it to work like magic and clear off the annoying spots within a day or two. You should follow the procedure religiously till they clear out, but it shouldn't take more than two months though.... You get?


Why do you pick at pimples and burst them anyway? Hian! Those dark spots mostly occur after an episode of acne, and if your skin is dry, it makes it worse. This is why you should always moisturize especially after you treat your acne with your scrubs and cleansers. Most of the products contain alcohol and salicylic acid so they can dry out your skin so remember to moisturize when you are done treating your acne so that the black spots won't get worse.

Avoid sun exposure, use products that have SPF and stop picking at your pimples!!!


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  1. Tnk u so much nazor for dis post bt I hv a question for u(pls answer O, ehee) in my own case, my leg n arms hs most of dis spots O nt even ma face. Pls wt do I do abt removing it? Tnkz

    1. You can try the same recipes in the post.

  2. Hello Chinazor.. great beauty blog u have here... keep it up! my question is where can I get turmeric powder ... I live in Abuja though and I know u r in Lagos... do u think it will be available in stores like shoprite, park n shop etc...

    1. Thanks for coming by dear. Yes you are likely to find the turmeric powder at shop rite or Park 'n shop.....look for it where they sell food spices. Some are in satchets, some are in jars.

  3. Nice tips. The problem is always being consistent with whatever method you use.

  4. Nice post thanks MA, I ve this annoying spots in my legs caused by bad water in my sch it's been up to 3yrs now but it hasn't faded! Making me unable to rock short dresses, I'll try the methods above tho! Thanks

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