Monday, 6 January 2014

My Sister got re-defined!

Hiya folks!

Did i mention that it was my sister's wedding two weeks ago?

Yes it was, and of course i was her makeup artist. It was a glorious day! And with the way rain was falling at random last december, i thank God that there was no rainfall that day ooo! Everything went really well.

We had to persuade her to let us shave her brows a 'lil bit

Waiting for the lash glue to dry

I also did the maid of honor's makeup (my younger sis), but i couldn't do the train's makeup because i couldn't bear to have back-ache.

Dindu and Mish were on the train, and 'lil Mish slept all through the wedding.....azzin! The night before the wedding, both of them didn't sleep till around 1:30am because they were so excited to see a lot of aunties in the house. So the next day, Mish could hardly keep her eyes open.

She managed to open her eyes here. .....see Dindu's eyes sef

Sleeping beauty.... looolz!

I really thank God that the wedding was a success, and i wish them many blissful years together and of course the pitter-patter of tiny feet.


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  1. Wow! See transformation. Beautiful. Is that the Bride's Natural hair or extension? ITs not fair o, see how dark and full it is, and im sure it will be very long too. I don't know where I went to when they were sharing good hair for people :(

    1. It's an extension, but her actual hair is really black, full and long.

  2. waohhh ur sisters are so fine,you guys look alike ohhh plus the bride has got absolutely beautiful skin! and of cos ur work gorgeous..

  3. You've got beautiful sisters..
    Children will never cease to amaze me, that's why the Bible says "happy is the man who has his quiver full of them".
    Nice Work Ma'am!

  4. Ur sisters r gorg n u guys luk alike. U did a gud job. Wish her a HML.

  5. A cute family u hav got. Muaaah

  6. A cute family u hav got. Muaaah

  7. beautiful family! Very lovely makeup and congrats to your sister!!!

  8. Haha shishi is so funny. I must admit i love the way you use ur words.

  9. Thanks so much ladies! Y'all are the best!

  10. Congratulations My Lovely Sis O.
    God will continue to lift u up more,Dear.


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