Tuesday, 21 January 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | Elizabeth Arden lipsticks in 'Cameo', 'Peony, and 'Ruby rose'

Well, hello again.....

I got these beautiful lipsticks from my sister, and they are so nice! They are by 'Elizabeth Arden', and i got the shades in 'Peony', 'Ruby rose', and 'Cameo'.

First of all, the packaging is very nice and sturdy. Looks very 'chicky' to me. I particularly like the gold color of the tubes because it's different from other lipsticks i own. They are all either black or grey.

The 'Cameo' is a sheer nude shade with a shimmery gold undertone. If you like rocking nude lips, then you'll like this one. I love to use it whenever i have smokey eyes on, it pairs so well. I also use it on days i want to go 'au naturalle'. 

Now, the 'Peony' is a very pretty pink color. It's also sheer and has a gold undertone like the 'Cameo' does. This shade is perfect for bridal lips, and it's my favourite out of the three. There is a lot of gold shimmer, and if you apply it on the back of your hand and then wipe it off, that spot would be shimmery and golden.

Finally, the 'Ruby rose' is a darker shade of pink than the 'Peony', and no this one's not sheer. It applies really well and you don't have to rub a lot for it to show. It has a little gold undertone that is barely noticeable, and it applies so smoothly.....infact, it glides perfectly on the lips.

Ok, see ehn, i'm having a hard time choosing my best between the 'Peony' and the 'Ruby rose'....i lurv 'em both! So lemme just say that i wear the 'Peony' on the days i want to look dainty and pretty, then i wear the 'Ruby rose' when i want to make a statement.....a pink statement *giggles*.

So which of them do you like the best?


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