Saturday, 18 January 2014

Second Term

Today is saturday? Seriously?

Did not feel like it at all....well, maybe it's just me.

A lot has happened since my last post.......firstly and most importantly, my kids resumed school. It's the second term of the session, and when i went to their school (as is the norm) to check out their preparations for the new term and to be enlightened on all the kids would be taught, honestly my heart cut! This term go tough well well oooo! Dindu and his classmates have a lot to learn and somehow, i'm feeling for him.

Anyways, i remember last session when he didn't even know how to write and during one of the school's special assembly sessions, i heard the kids in a higher class than them counting backwards from 20-0. I was like "Oh mi gosh! Would Dindu even be able to do this? Wahala haff dey!" But today, he writes 1-200, he reads words, and he counts backwards from 30-0.... yet he's just in nursery one! So i know that no matter how scary their work-plan for the term looks, Dindu would totally master it! All i can do is pray for academic excellence, and i know that the good Lord will grant him that..... MishMish too.

As for that one, i miss her whenever they go to school. That girl can talk for Africa! She's only 2 years and 6 months old, but when she speaks, you would looking for the adult who spoke.....and oh she's such a drama-queen! Yet, the funny and exasperating thing about her is that when we go out, she acts totally innocent and quiet that people will assume she doesn't talk. She gets really shy then, and when she's shy, she tilts her head to one side.

The other day, i pretended to cry in front of them just to see their reactions oooo. Dindu was like "Sorry mummy", and then he concentrated on his cartoon programme (yimu and side-eye to him...boys will be boys). Mish on the other hand left what she was doing at that moment and came to me with a look of total concern on her face...

 "Mummy sorry. Did baby kick you?"

 "Yes" I said.

Then she lifted up my top and said to baby "Baby stop kicking mummy ooo!"


On another occasion, i felt like wearing one of hubby's tops. I found the one i liked and put it on. When i came out, the little chinch said to me

"Mummy, you are wearing daddy's cloth. I will tell daddy for you and daddy will beat you veeery well!"

#HIAN! Does she think i'm daddy's child and he can spank my bumbum anyhow? Loolz!

Sometimes, i refer to her as 'Madam' or 'Madam Michelle', so one day, i saw her tinkering with a door and trying to lock it, so i chided her....

"Bia, Madam, come out from there!"

She replied "Don't call me me Michelle"

#HOIN?! *Insert bbm surprised smiley*

The girl is sha older than her years. I have no idea who she took after oooo! I'm innocent *bats eyelashes*. Sometimes, she enters my room and comes out rocking red lips. I've hidden my lippies and glosses away where she can't reach #Phew!  Everyday, she wants to wear a 'beautiful dress' (her own words).

Anyways, all these incidents are what makes motherhood fun! I'm blessed to have these kids, and they grow so fast! Sometimes, i stare at them wondering where the years went. Now, i have to be extra careful about what i do and say around them. They are like little sponges soaking up water! For instance, today, i got a little angry and i muttered "Nonsense" under my breath, Dindu heard it and said to me "Mummy, that's a bad word" Choi! I immediately agreed with him and gave him a little lecture on bad words and why he shouldn't say them. I'm sure he'll understand.

All i ask from God is the strength and wisdom to bring these kids up the way he wants. May they be blessings to their generation and to everyone around them.

(I fired up my lappy with the intention of doing a review of 3 new lipsticks i got, but as usual, i digressed and chatted away! Eeees nor me that Mish took after ooo! #OkBye!)


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  1. LOL! now we know who she took after! I'm really shocked that your boy can write 1-20 and count 30-0 backwards and he's just in Nursery 1, wow! I smiled all through Motherhood is Fun .

  2. My BBM makeup supervisor u re so funny and and friendly,is so obvious Mish Mish took afta u..hw u doing 2day?can't wait for God to bless me wit mine too..

    1. Ah! Amen ooooo! He surely will bless you too.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hey BnD,i couldnt help but wonder how you cope , May God continue to protect and Guide you and your family.Smart kids you have.

    1. Amen in Jesus name! Thanks a lot dear.....means a lot to me. *hugs*

  5. All I kip staring @ is dose lovely beauties wraped up with briliiance awaiting to explode.Amen to ur prayers o. Wen I see kids like dis to born fast fast go begin hungry me o chai!..

  6. cute. Lovely kids you have there.muah. Hope ur services are not expensive oooo *bats eyelash*. Expect a mail from me

  7. hahahahah! Indeed, it's not you she took after, true Amen to your prayers


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