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Simple and easy makeup tutorial

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For some reason, i've been craving party jollof rice. You know that special 'agoyin' rice with that unique flavour that makes you want to drop your spoon and eat the rice with your fingers? Yes that's exactly the one! But since it's not available, lemme just settle for my 'Hindomin and hegg' garnished with 'sandin'.

Nuvi honey, this post is for you and other ladies out there who struggle with the basic makeup application everyday. I tried to make this look as simple as possible and i achieved it with the basic products and tools which everyone should have. I only used face powder, eyeshadow, brown eyebrow pencil, eyeliners, mascara, blush, lip liner and lipgloss. Then for the tools, i only used my little spoolie for blending out my brows, a foam applicator for applying the eyeshadows and a powder brush.

The products and tools i used. The eyeshadow palette is the 'Storm' palette by Sleek

The simple look i achieved

Very accessible right? I'm sure most of you ladies have all these things i mentioned.

So here are the step-by-step pictures below......a lot of pictures i must warn you oooo!

So, i started by shaving off stray hairs from my eyebrows and carving my brows into a shape i could work with.

After that, i started drawing my brows by drawing the lower outline first. I hope you can see the pencil line clearly in the picture above.

Then next, i drew the upper outline complete with the arch and all.

Finally for the brows, i filled in the outline starting from the tail of the brows. Note that i didn't fill it to the very beginning of the brows 'cos i wanted a faded effect and not 'scouse' brows. I stopped filling at a point and then i used my spoolie to blend it out within the outline i drew. I was also sure to blend out any obvious pencil lines.

In the pics above, the brows are done. Because i was aiming for a very simple look, i didn't bother using a concealer to define and highlight the brows. If i did that, you would have seen the difference...the brows would have looked neater and sharper....but hey, not everyone would have time to do that every mornig while preparing for work or while getting dressed to go out, so these are very simple brows without the 'concealer effect'

In the pic above, i was using my foam applicator to apply and smooth out a gold eyeshadow from my sleek 'Storm' palette over my lid. But before doing that, i used a lip balm as an eye primer *huge grin*. I had to use that 'cos not everyone has an eyeprimer, so i used an easily accessible product and it werked!

In the pic above, i had finished applying the gold eyeshadow on my lids....note where i started and where i stopped. Don't go smearing the eyeshadow everywhere from your lids to your brow bone. Just stop at your crease, and be sure to blend it well into your crease so that noone will see harsh lines of demarcation....BLEND!

In the pic above, i was contouring my eyes by applying a dark brown eyeshadow from the same sleek 'Storm' palette on the outer corner of my eyes in a 'V' or 'C' motion so that the eyes will look deeper and more defined. I used the same foam applicator 'cos i know that you might not have a pencil brush available. To make it easier, i used just the tip of the foam applicator to do this. In the picture, you can clearly see the area where i applied the dark brown. When doing this, be sure to blend it well into the gold or any other color you use on your lids.

In the pic above, i was done contouring the eyes.

Then, still using the same foam applicator, I used a matte light eyeshadow shade from the same 'Storm' palette to highlight my brow bone, making sure to blend it down into the crease.

Brow bones have been highlighted in the picture above.

Next, i used an eyeliner brush to apply my gel liner on my upper lash-line. Note that i started by making the line thin from the inner corner, then as i drew it out, the line got thicker.

In the picture above, i was done applying the eyeliner. That's how it should look. You can make it thicker if you want though (depending on the size of your eyes), but always endeavour to make sure it's thinner in the inner corner and thicker as it extends to the outer corner.

In the picture above, i decided to line my water-line with a blue pencil instead of a black one like i always do. You can use any color you want to do this .... let the color match your attire *smiles*

Eyeliner is done! Next, it's mascara time!

I used my Maybelline 'Define-a-lash' mascara to comb out my lashes. I started by combing it outwards from the inside, and then i brushed it upwards like in the picture above and seperated the lash strands with the mascara wand. I didn't apply on my lower lashes......ok, i forgot ooo! Please remember not to pump you mascara wand into the tube 'cos that pumps air into it and dries it out fast.

Mascara application is done.....infact, the eyes are done. The eyes takes up most of the time in makeup application anyways.

Next, i lined my lips with my Jordana 'Cabaret' lip liner and smacked my lips together to blend out the liner and soften it out.

Then i finished off the lips by applying my Maybelline 'Baby lips' lip balm/gloss generously all over my lips. It has a rosy tint which i love. I heart this lip balm so much!

 Finally, i finished the look by applying St. Florentina powder all over my face (I hope i got the name right sha)

In this particular picture, i cleaned off the Florentina powder and used my MaryKay foundation and sleek powder and then finished it off with my Black radiance blush. That's why my face looks smoother and more flawless here.

You see? It's easy. I'm very sure this will help a lot of you ladies. Please, if you try it out, send me pictures....and as usual, i won't put them up on the blog if you don't want me to. But i think it will be fun if you ladies allow me put up pictures of your makeup attempts for constructive criticism by other ladies. We are here to learn ba?

You can go ahead and use a foundation to get a smoother look if you want, but if you are not a 'foundation person', you can skip that step and just use your brown powder (white doesn't look good joooor!).

Remember that you can tweak the look to your taste. It shouldn't necessarily look like mine did. You can use a different color of eyeshadow on your eyelids, use black in your water-line instead of the blue i used (you can also use any other color.....even white!), finally, you can use any lipstick you have. The essence of this post was just to show you the basic makeup application steps, so that you will see and learn how to apply simple makeup. So go have fun with colors!

Besos babes.

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  1. Wow! Nazor, u're a darling... My kpako makeup will look better henceforth! Thanks a lot

    1. You're welcome...glad i could help. please show me pictures ooo! You can add me on my BlackBerry pin 27520BFD and send them or send to my email

  2. Thank you Chinazor, ezigbo nwaanyi! Chukwu gozie gi.

  3. Wow! I'm so honored ! A post dedicated to me whoop! Whoop! *dancing skeluwu* thank you so much.
    Finally! that fade effect(and anything brow) on the brows have always been hard for me, my brows are always looking too thick or too thin,though I'm not so sure where the tail of the brows are, I think I can reproduce this look, pls what's the best colour for a very dark person,i use brown.
    For the eyeshadow I understood everythng except the "eye primer" part, what is the aim?
    I'm really grateful for this. Thanks

  4. You're welcome dear.

    The tail of the brow is the pointy end. The primer is a product that preps the eyelids for the eyeshadow. It gives the eyeshadow something to stick to and makes it show well. It also makes it last longer on the lids.

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  6. Eye primer make ur eyeshadow to come out clearly. It also help for a lasting makeup. You can wear ur look all day wen u prime either face or eyes. Its a must have sha! Neo

  7. Ok thanks Naza, thanks anonymous, will try the look soon and i hope I get the liver to send pictures,lol

  8. This is really Helpful, Tnk u so much Nazor.. Wil snd u ma pix wen I try it out.

  9. Nice tutorial. Been experimenting, might be courageous enough to send my amateur attempts anytime soon. Sorry I'm a bit 'bush', which one is 'eye primer'?

    1. Ok...I scrolled up through the comments and got the answer.

  10. Nice wrk Nazor, ps do u knw of any site I cld buy makeup abroad and dey deliver to naija.? I tried buyin sm stuff frm beauty cos dey hv jordana products bt d cost of shippin is exhorbitant. Tanks

    1. Chai. i'm not sure of any site that delivers to Nigeria ooo! I always use amazon and they deliver to the U.S for me.

  11. Great post! Am learning

  12. Beautiful work of art!..
    Still looking forward to the result of the "nomination". Any announcements yet? Indeed, your work deserves the best!!

  13. Yes oooo! We didn't win last year..... Perhaps this year by His grace.

  14. Love your post, this wuld really help me 4 that everyday look for lectures


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