Tuesday, 4 February 2014

B 'n D training begins!

Good morning beauties......

Yesterday, i finally watched 'The best man holiday', and i have just two questions....

1). What posessed me into watching that movie?

2). What posessed me into watching that movie?!!! (Why didn't i just face my work?)

Don't get me wrong ooo! It was a great movie and all, but why on earth did it have to end that way? Oh my days! I even dreamt of Mia last night telling me in that her soft, low voice "Don't let Lance re-marry".


But they should have just made it a happy movie na! As in happy all the way to the end. I loved the first part of the movie (The best man), i must have watched it about eight times or so and my fav couple were Lance and Mia (who wouldn't love that voice of hers that's almost like a whisper?). Oh well, it's just a movie and they've made their money from it, so i can't come and kee myself.

Training has begun

In other news, makeup training has begun for the year........actually, that IS the reason for this post. I stopped training for a while because i needed to get stronger and also get my studio ready. Now it's almost all set, and there's no reason why i shouldn't take on new students.

So my dears, if you want to register with 'Blushes 'n Dimples makeup school' and learn to apply makeup (either personally or professionally), you can do any of the following.....

Send me an email on blushes.dimples@gmail.com

Or call on  08188403418

Or add 27520BFD

When you contact us, you will be given all the information you need regarding the training. And errrrrrm......pls, i can only take 6 students at a time (apologetic smile).
I look forward to this year's training sessions....i've really missed it seeing that i just love to teach people about makeup.

By the way, where did the hamarttan go? It left in a hurry again and instead of the cold dry air, yesterday was hot and balmy. Anyway, i'm happy it left again, and i really hope it's for good this time.

Let me go and get ready for school runs.......y'all have a wonderful day.

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