Tuesday, 11 February 2014


'Ello beauties........

Whattagwan? I trust y'all are doing ok.

I'm fine, thank you.....just counting down weeks to the day my 'lil princess will arrive (yep! It's a girl! *mighty grin*). I really don't care if it's a boy or a girl......'healthy' will do just fine!

I remember the day i scanned to check the baby's sex, when i found out what it was and told Dindu, he had a big smile on his face. I asked him why, he said he wanted another sister (Awww!). 'Lil Mish doesn't even understand.....all she knows is that there's a baby in mummy's tummy, and sometimes, she claims that there's a baby in her tummy too!

One day, she came to her daddy  grunting and holding her tummy (by the way, i don't ever do that ooo! Heaven knows where she learnt that from) and said to him in a rasping voice "Daddy, there's a baby in my tummy". The expression on her face made him burst out laughing.


Anyways, this post is dedicated to ladies with really oily faces, and also to those who have combination skin (as in they get oily only on the bridge of the nose and across their foreheads). It's about the product called 'Milk of magnesia'.....have you heard of it? I've mentioned it a couple of times (or more) on this blog.

Milk of magnesia (MOM) is actually a laxative/antacid, but a genius somewhere on the face of this earth discovered that it has mattifying/priming powers......how? I wonder! All you need to do is apply the liquid all over your face, let it dry and then apply your foundation over it. Your face will stay dry all day! Wonderful eh?

This is what the liquid looks like.....thick and white

I did a demonstration and took pictures for the benefit of those who have no idea how to use it.

First, i prepped my skin by cleansing and moisturizing it

Haff you people seen it? See what pregnancy has done to my face ooooo! *wails* Dark patches everywhere....it's called 'Chloasma' or 'Melasma'......Chei! i look scary.

Then using a small ball of cotton wool, i applied the MOM all over my face ( my skin type is combination though, so i only need to apply MOM on my T-zone, but i applied it all over for the benefit of the pictorial)

*Still wailing uncontrollably*

I let it dry on my face (WARNING... It will dry white and leave a white mask on your face.......never mind, just proceed to the next step)

Then, i went ahead and applied my foundation over the dry white mask on my face, making sure to cover all the white areas.


This product really really works. For those oily-faced ladies whose makeup usually slides right off within minutes of applying it, do yourself a favour.....get Milk of Magnesia, follow the steps above and then come here and testify.
After i applied my foundation on top of the MOM, there was no single oil on my T-zone until i decided to wash it all off 5 hours later......not even a shine! My face stayed dry, and my makeup...intact.

But i must warn you though......if you have dry or normal skin, please refrain from using this product 'cos by using it, you risk over-drying your skin. If you have combination skin, please stick to applying MOM on your T-zone or whichever areas you usually get oily.


You can get the Milk of magnesia at any good pharmacy. I got mine at Oxpharm in Festac town

Price : N1,500 (you might find it cheaper or costlier....depends on the seller)

LASTWORD : Ladies, i beg una, no make MOM cost for market ooo! Next thing now, e go scarce *tongue out*


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  1. You right those those with dry skin should stay away from MOM,wiish you a safe and healthy delivery.

  2. You right those those with dry skin should stay away from MOM,wiish you a safe and healthy delivery.

  3. I'll surely testify cause i have an oily skin on my face>
    If it get's expensive i'll come for your own...
    I can't wait to see our healthy, beauriful "Ugomma" baby....*winks*
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  4. Didn't know its this cheap oh,getting one asap..

  5. wow. congrats on your baby. you will have her with ease IJN. I've heard a lot about MOM on youtube. Really surprised by the price. Thanks for the review


  6. I'm buying 1 tomorrow. Pls wr exactly is oxfarm in festac. Chi, pls reply.

    1. Hmmnnnn, I dunno wat that road is called sha.... You know that road where they have 'El-lab' , union bank, Lynchris boutique and Noel's boutique? Oxpharm is along that road too. You can also check Pharmacare on 51 road, opposite Nitel.

    2. U are a darling. I know d road, off Texaco (now MRS). And I know Pharmacare. Time 2 sort out this oily face.Btw, what r other uses of MOM since its sold in a pharmacy?.

    3. It's originally an antacid used for tummy issues

  7. Choi! I was thinking after masking you will wash off before applying makeup oo. I don't use foundation , so I can't use MOM. nice Review Anyway.
    You shall deliver like the Hebrew women.

  8. Thanks for the Review. At least I can help my clients to get rid of the oily skin by introducing it to them. I wish u safe delivery INJ. Ethy.

  9. Thanks Biggie bele! after applying MOM, can i go straight to powder! I use Tara oil free power without any foundation.

  10. Nice review,its really really scarce here in Abuja.I have searched everywher for it ooo,all I get is anoda products and nt Philips,pls can any1 help on where I can get here in Abj...thanks wish u a very safe delivery and thanks so much for being my bbm makeup teacher my makeup has really improved will be sending u som pix 2day

  11. Well done Chizzy you' r a DARLING, God Bless you wish u safe delivery, I have searched for MOM here in Calabar but can't find it and I really need it...I honestly do

  12. Thanks for this info dear, there is love in sharing. God bless u n d Lil one.

  13. Lol.u ehn.anyway I got the normal mist mag from my local pharm n im yet to try it.I cdnt find d milk of magnesia so ill prolly do a review when im done

  14. where can I buy this milk of mag.


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