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PRODUCT REVIEW | Sleek's 'Flash 'a' Pout' ultra matte lipstains

Evening beauties!

So Sleek introduced these new lipstains called ‘Flash ‘a’ pout’ lipstains. I was sent 6 of them in ‘Duke’, ‘Siren’ , ‘Forbidden’ , ‘Coined’, ‘Naivety’, and ‘Revolution’. They are called ‘Flash ‘a’ pout’ lipstains because the bottles have built in LED lights which i think are the coolest thing evuuur! It has a soft black button on the top which when you press it, the light comes on. For a while, i was busy clicking away with glee ‘cos i’ve never seen such a thing before (yeah, i can be bush like that *sheepish grin*). Did i mention it has a little mirror on one of the sides so you can easily apply on the go? Yes it does.

Lipstains are meant to save you the trouble of checking your lipstick all day to make sure it’s intact. They are matte and dry and stick to your lips till you wipe them off. Some people also use lipstains as a base for their lipstick.
These Sleek lipstains are really long-lasting as a good lipstain should be….. as in looooong lasting! When i wore the ‘Forbidden’ shade (which is my favorite by the way), it stayed put till i ate and drank, then it faded off a little on the inner part of my lips, so i reapplied a little more there and it remained that way all day until i cleaned it off later that evening. Cleaning it off sef was a battle, but i won! They are all ultra matte lipstains , and have no shimmer except for the ‘Coined’ shade which has gold shimmer in it .

I like the packaging of these products especially the LED lights of course! #EffizyTinz

Dindu helped.

So i did some hand and lip swatches so you can see the shades properly……


The ‘Coined’ shade is really sheer, it’s almost nude. It also has a gold shimmery  base to it.


The ‘Revolution’ is a coral/orangey shade for bolder ladies. Errrrrr….i’m not that bold, so i won't rock this one that much.


The ‘Naivety’ is a pink shade so bright, it’s almost neon. This shade would look amazing on fair-skinned ladies. It’s really beautiful!


The ‘Duke’ is a dark purple shade……this one scares me sha…loolz! If you like the vampire, gothic look, the ‘Duke’ shade would help you achieve it.


The ‘Siren’ is a red shade which i like. I really do.


And i saved my best for the last…..the ‘Forbidden’ is my most favorite shade of all. It’s an intriguing burgundy-like shade, and i’ve never owned a lip color quite like it…, this one i’ll wear a lot!!

For best results, exfoliate your lips to get rid of dead skin cells before wearing any of these lip stains. DO NOT WEAR THEM ON FLAKY, PEELING LIPS. Now, after applying the ‘Flash ‘a’ pout’ lipstains, they dry out on your lips, and they do so really fast, so you have to apply them quickly to avoid streaks. And if you don’t like wearing dry lip products, you can top it up with a little lip balm for some moisture. That’s how i wear them ‘cos i don’t like dry lips.

To get the lipstain off your lips, you can use your good ‘ole Vaseline or a lipbalm by applying it generously over the lipstain and rubbing it in with your fingers. Then wipe it all off with a baby wipe or soft tissue. It will come off like magic.
I like the fact that these products glide on smoothly....they don't drag on the lips, and they are not sticky either.

Do you like any of these lipstains? Which ones?

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  1. They are all very nice. Forbidden is my favourite too

  2. Nice, but u didn't say their prices.

    1. Yes dear, I didn't 'cos I haven't gotten the price list yet. I'll let you know once I do.

  3. I've wanted something like Duke for a long time. Oh and chinazor, I nominated you for an award on my blog.


    2. Thanks for the nomination darl! But i'm not sure if one person can be nominated twice. Or is it possible?

  4. wait a minute.. u were at the event? did u bring a canon camera? looking at your other pix i guess u sat nxt to my cousin and i. would have been nice to meet u though.:(

    1. I was at the beauty connect series. I guess it was me ooo!

  5. Now that's I've tried everything...I think DUke and Naivety are my favourites!

    1. I think the duke is beginning to grow on me...i'm beginning to like it on your lips, Stella and Chloe's lips. I think I might muster up the courage to rock it.


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