Monday, 31 March 2014

The Maybelline makeup fair & The WED Expo in pictures

Well hello everyone!

What a weekend it was! I attended the Maybelline makeup fair and the ‘WED Expo’ on Sunday. The organizers did wonderful jobs and it was all very nice! First, i attended the Maybelline fair with my friend Ebere who is the best bridal hair stylist i know (believe me….i kid you not). You can view her blog here  the pictures will speak for themselves.

Friday, 28 March 2014

The Maybelline MakeUp Fair (MMUF)

*Sneaks back in after more than a week, opens door quietly and peeps in. There is a sea of earnest faces looking at me….some smiling, most of them side-eyeing me. For a moment, i almost run out and slam the door with shame, but something holds me back. Instead, i pick up the mic, give a shaky smile and clear my throat*

‘Ello beauties. 
Ackshually, i’m tired of apologizing for being missing in action so often, but as usual, i always have good reasons. I've been conducting back-to-back training sessions, and i haven’t really had the time to update my blog as often as i would have loved to. Three of my students graduated recently and a fourth one began training today…. So honestly, it hasn’t being easy. I do school runs too, and i buy fuel (Yes, the evil fuel scarcity has been dragging on for weeks, and i thought it was over…mtcheeew!).
Also, remember that my bun is still baking, and with it comes aches and pains. Now, it’s really hard to sit and bend over a lap-top. Lying down on the bed to type is no easy feat to achieve either…..but what can i do? I have to keep trying ‘cos i can’t just leave you all without something to read, pictures to view, or something to learn.
Anyway….i have news! (I hope you’ll forgive me after this *Sheepish grin*)
Remember how i missed last year’s makeup fair and how pained i was? Well, this year, it’s as if the makeup industry has decided to compensate me for last year! Loolz! There are soooo many events lined up …chei! This Sunday, there’s the Maybelline makeup fair organized by the POPs concepts.

Monday, 17 March 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | Sleek Studio's skin care range

Good evening dears,

This post is the ‘part 2’ of the Sleek products review.  Remember that i mentioned that asides from the ‘Flash ‘a’ Pout’ lipstains which i have already reviewed, i also got some skin care products which i said i would review 2 weeks from that time because i needed to use them first? Well, today is the day. I have used most of the products and i want to share my findings with you….

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Uche got re-defined!

Uche needed a makeover for an event she had to attend, so she came by the studio for a quick fix. She didn’t want an overly loud look. Her dress was green with a pink underlay, and i knew instantly that she had to rock pink lips.

Her face was really oily, so i had to use my MOM (Milk of magnesia) to prime her entire face and keep the oil under control. Howeveer, i encountered a ‘lil trouble with the MOM today……after i applied and it dried, it left whitish flecks on her face. I’m not talking about the white patches it leaves when it dries……there were flecks, and they refused to be covered with foundation, so i sued my concealer brush to pick them off her face one by one… was not a small suntin at all but i won.

BETTER LIVING | He truly cares

Hello beauties.....

In today's 'better-living' segment, i'll be sharing something i read in 'GDWJ' my bible study group on  blackberry. One of our members was kind enough to share, and i totally agreed with it 'cos i could relate with the write up. The portion that jumps out at me is the part in red...

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

B 'n D Makeover featuring Amara

Howdy dears!
How have you been since the last time? I trust you are all doing good. The fuel scarcity is finally over, and boy! Am i glaaad?!

 Today’s makeover post features Amara. I mentioned sometime ago that i’m kinda tired of using my face all the time because my face has really changed, and i’m sure most of you are tired of seeing my face all the time too. So i got some volunteers who said they were willing to let me play with their faces. By the way, some sent me emails but never showed…..beht whyyyyyy?! Anyways…………

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | Maybelline colossal kajal & Colossal volume express mascara

Hello dears……
What’s up with you? I’ll tell you what’s up with me…….i’m frustrated…..totally frustrated about this fuel situation. Chei! I’ve suffered in the past 3 days just because i can’t let my household, especially my kids sleep in darkness in this unbearable heat. I’ve struggled to get fuel.

The first time, i drove out with my fuel tank almost red. My plan was to buy 50 litres to fill up the gallon i had in the boot. I got to Mobil along Amuwo Odofin and queued up….mind you, the queue was as long as…….! I got there at 2:15pm and it got to my turn around 5:10pm…..guess what? The fuel attendant gleefully announced to me that they don’t sell in gallons! Isi gini? I begged and begged, but she refused. Then i told her to fill up my empty car tank, hoping that i could get my gateman to suck it out with a hose into a gallon when i got home. When i did get home, he tried but it didn’t work….chei! What do i need a full car tank for? All i needed was fuel for my generator so that my kids and i could sleep at night for goodness sakes! I already had enough fuel in the cars…..afterall, i only drive to the kids school everyday #DazAll

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Ada got re-defined!

Good evening...
Few days ago, i was contacted by a friend regarding a makeover for another friend of hers. We agreed and i went over to her place today for the job. It was Ada's 10 years wedding anniversary and house-warming party and she needed to look beautiful.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

The L'Oreal Beau'Tea party in pictures.

*WARNING! This post is loaded with pictures!*
Good evening beauties……
How’s your weekend going? Fabulous i hope.
So, i was invited to the L’Oreal Beau’tea party which held today at Ikeja.  When i received the invite, i knew i wasn’t going to miss this one. I had no trouble locating the venue where i met lots of other beautiful guests.
We were introduced to products under the L’Oreal brand and were shown videos of the products being used and all. Did you know that Dark and Lovely and Maybelline are brand names under L’Oreal? I didn’t know ooooo!
Infact, let me not type too much ‘cos i’m tired. We had a lot of fun though! So, let the pictures speak….