Saturday, 15 March 2014

BETTER LIVING | He truly cares

Hello beauties.....

In today's 'better-living' segment, i'll be sharing something i read in 'GDWJ' my bible study group on  blackberry. One of our members was kind enough to share, and i totally agreed with it 'cos i could relate with the write up. The portion that jumps out at me is the part in red...

"…Let the Lord be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant. Psalm 35:27 
Jesus Is Interested In Your Success
Jesus delights in blessing you. It is His good pleasure to see you blessed in every area of your life. Now, don’t put a limit on His blessings in your life. The blessings of the Lord are not (as some may erroneously believe) just seen in material things. Jesus is infinitely interested in your total well-being. He is interested in your family, career, fulfillment in life, marriage, ministry, and boy, does the list go on!

When it comes to your desires, hopes and dreams, there is no detail that is too minuscule, minute or insignificant for Jesus. Trust me, if it matters to you, it matters to Him! Even if you go to Him in prayer to remove that small pimple on your nose, He is not going to look at you and reply mockingly, “Hey buddy, don’t you know that I’ve got a whole universe to run? Come to Me when you have a bigger prayer request.”

No way! A thousand times no! Jesus will never ridicule or deride your concerns as petty. He is never dismissive or condescending. If it bothers you, it “bothers” Him, and He wants to fix it because He is interested in your success and total well-being!"

See, my God pays attention to the tiny details in my life. No matter how 'foolish' my request is, he answers. Do you know that sometimes, even before i ask, He just grants the request like that? As long as the thought has formed in my heart, He takes note of it and answers....those ones really make me feel special.

I remember when my neighbour had like 5 dogs or so. Those dogs always disrupted our sleep at night with their noisy barking and all. And that time, Mish was still a baby so you can just imagine! I didn't know what to do, but i wasn't happy about it at all. I knew i couldn't make my neighbours sell or kill their dogs just because of my family. Believe me, sometimes, i imagined poisoning some meat and throwing them over the fence into their compound (i didn't ooooo! It was just a desperate thought.. Looolz!), yelz ke! It was that bad! So i just wished that one day, we'll wake up and the dogs will be gone, and guess what? That's exactly what happened! We woke up one day and they were gone! Just like dat.....till today. I don't know what happened, but what matters is that my wishful prayer was answered and we could sleep well at night. #Phew!

Last weekend, i was driving to my parent's place and i had to pass through Mile2. I was worried about all the robberies going on there, and to top it all, there was serious traffic. Chei! See trailers, tankers and container trucks everywhere. I was just tired. I prayed to be out of there in no time at all, and believe me.... How i manouvered my car out of there, i don't know. God made a way for me, and i was out of the mess in record time!

It doesn't matter what the request is, it doesn't matter how 'somehow' or silly it is...God truly cares...most especially about the tiny details in your life.

Don't just save the big requests for Him...ask Him ANYTHING and He will grant it. This is one of the reasons why i usually say that those who do not know God don't know what they are missing. Truly!

If only you knew how much you mean to Him......

Remember......if it bothers you, it bothers Him.

I leave you to chew on that.....


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  1. If it bothers me, it bothers Him. I'm special like that. Thanks Chinazor. I'm sharing this with my friends.

  2. I Love this piece...Thanks for sharing
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

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