Wednesday, 5 March 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | Maybelline colossal kajal & Colossal volume express mascara

Hello dears……
What’s up with you? I’ll tell you what’s up with me…….i’m frustrated…..totally frustrated about this fuel situation. Chei! I’ve suffered in the past 3 days just because i can’t let my household, especially my kids sleep in darkness in this unbearable heat. I’ve struggled to get fuel.

The first time, i drove out with my fuel tank almost red. My plan was to buy 50 litres to fill up the gallon i had in the boot. I got to Mobil along Amuwo Odofin and queued up….mind you, the queue was as long as…….! I got there at 2:15pm and it got to my turn around 5:10pm…..guess what? The fuel attendant gleefully announced to me that they don’t sell in gallons! Isi gini? I begged and begged, but she refused. Then i told her to fill up my empty car tank, hoping that i could get my gateman to suck it out with a hose into a gallon when i got home. When i did get home, he tried but it didn’t work….chei! What do i need a full car tank for? All i needed was fuel for my generator so that my kids and i could sleep at night for goodness sakes! I already had enough fuel in the cars…..afterall, i only drive to the kids school everyday #DazAll

The next day (yesterday), i set out with a different car and two 50 litres gallons in my boot. I made up my mind to sit on the floor and weep and wail at the filling station if i got there and they refused to sell in the gallons again. I got there by 3pm, and after queuing up for 2 hrs 30 mins this time, it was remaining  like 5 cars ahead of me before i could drive into the filling station. Next thing, what did we see? Some dude waving at us from inside the station that fuel was finished! Whaaaaaaaaa? I think i actually shed a tear and cursed Nigeria in my mind.  And then, i wasn’t angry anymore…..i was too tired to be angry. I jejely drove home, announced to my gateman that from now henceforth, we’ll be using the small generator to save fuel. Then i went upstairs, took a bath and went to bed. When hubby called later that night, i told him what happened, and he didn’t even find it funny at all……anyway……

Enough of the ranting….this post is supposed to be a review.

Ehn-hen, remember that i got a Maybelline mascara, kajal and lipbalm in my L’Oreal goody bag? I used the mascara and kajal to create a smokey look, and here is the review.
I’ll start off by saying that i’m very happy i got those products, and i will most definitely get more! The maybeline ‘Colossal kajal’ and the ‘Colossal volume express mascara’ are great products!

The kajal is highly pigmented, waterproof, shows up in a swipe or two and stays in place on the waterline or wherever it’s applied. I used it in my waterline, and it was really nice. And then, i decided to take it a step further by using the kajal to create a smokey look on my face (just the kajal…no eyeshadow at all). I applied the kajal on my eyelids and blended it out with a blending brush. It turned out really great….i liked it! I also used the ‘Colossal volume express mascara’ to create that look.

Now, the ‘Colossal volume express mascara’ is another great product by Maybelline.  On the pack, it says:
‘Our smoky formula creates intensely black lashes for a black kohl effect, super dark and super sultry. The mega brush loads lashes with big bold volume in one coat without clumping’
When i applied one coat, the volume wasn’t enough for me, so i added a second coat and loved the result...It became thicker and darker. Then, i went ahead and applied one more coat (tehehehe!)…..the result i got was amazing. My lashes got really dark and long as though i had falsies on. I love this mascara, and on days when i don’t feel like wearing falsies, it will be the mascara i’ll reach for.

However, my only grouch with the ‘Colossal volume express mascara’ is the mega brush. It’s kinda big, so it might not really brush out short and curly lashes very well. I like smaller thinner wands because they get into any length of lashes and brush them out well.
I love these two products, and i'll definitely repurchase them when i run out. I don’t know where you can get them yet, but once i find out, i’ll let y’all know so you can go get yours.

Besos dears!

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  1. So sorry you had to go through all that stress. Things will get better by Gods grace. Hopefully I would soon get that mascara

    1. I'll let you know where you can purchase. Amen! It has to get better oooo!

  2. Ndo, I thought I was the only one suffering this fuel should the post I uploaded yesterday. So frustrating in Nigeria, but that's not why I'm here.

    I'm loving the kajal already and can't wait to do my review!

    1. My dear, I have suffered too! Today, I went to try again, when the attendant just finished selling to the guy before me, manager come talk say make dem no sell again.....shuooo! Again?!!! The fuel attendant sha had mercy on me because of my condition and he sold to me. He filled up my 50 liters gallon, then he stopped selling. I was so relieved and happy! I dashed him money sef.

  3. Pele dear, you now look like a pregnant woman oo, unlike before. I always love your stories.

    1. Yes ooo! My neck is darker and my face.........hmnnnn!

  4. Oh, Sisi yemmie is another great story teller oo, chei! I checked out her blog and some others too on ur leichester(I'm very sure I got the spelling wrong) nomination.

  5. Nice Review, i agree with small Mascara wands, they are easy to use and give good results.
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  6. Nice review. Will go for the macara. Let us know where we can get it and the price. Thanks.


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