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PRODUCT REVIEW | Sleek Studio's skin care range

Good evening dears,

This post is the ‘part 2’ of the Sleek products review.  Remember that i mentioned that asides from the ‘Flash ‘a’ Pout’ lipstains which i have already reviewed, i also got some skin care products which i said i would review 2 weeks from that time because i needed to use them first? Well, today is the day. I have used most of the products and i want to share my findings with you….

So there were 5 products in the bag…..
ü Scrub away my troubles (Mineral peel with dead sea minerals)
ü Come clean (Gentle cleansing foam with green tea)
ü NeuSkin reveal (exfoliating night cream with fruit acids)
ü NeuSkin reveal more (Exfoliating booster with fruit acids)
ü Lightening in a jar (Whitening anti-acne)

First of all, i must commend the packaging of these products. I really like the tall white containers and tubes. I also like the nozzles/ spouts the contents are squeezed out from.

The NeuSkin reveal exfoliating night cream is designed to enhance skin renewal. It is to be used at night, and constant nightly use is meant to reveal a brighter, smoother, softer and more moisturized underlying skin layer. I used this product for two nights and then i stopped…not because there was anything wrong with it, but because the heat at night is unbearable, and using any kind of moisturizer in the heat makes me really uncomfortable. The smell is very okay and the cream comes out white….it isn’t overly thick either.

The NeuSkin reveal more exfoliating booster is an oil-free gel-lotion, and it is meant to be used over the NeuSkin reveal exfoliating night cream. It is meant to optimize skin renewal when used over the night cream...they work hand-in-hand. This product is in a gel-form and has a nice smell too. I used it only twice with the exfoliating night cream for the reason i already stated above. The only problem i have with the two of them is that i wonder why they had to be made as two separate products. I wish they were made into one so that you just apply it once and you are done. I don’t like going through more than 4 steps in my facials routine *shrugs shoulders*

The Lightening in a jar whitening anti-acne cream is the one i didn’t use at all *covers face*. The ‘whitening’ written on the jar scared me away honestly. I tend to shy away from using whitening or lightening products on my skin, besides, my face is always acne-free, so i had no reason to use it at all.

The Come clean gentle cleansing foam with green tea is one of my favourites. I love everything abourrrit! It does exactly what they said it would:
“This gentle cleansing foam will thoroughly cleanse your skin, without over-drying, leaving it comfortably soft and smooth”.

It comes out as a soft foam
I love the ‘finger pump’ dispenser! I love the smell! I love the way it comes out as a foamy lather! I love the way it feels on my face as i rub it over my facial areas! I use it morning and night, and i’ll definitely purchase another.

The Scrub away my troubles mineral peel with Dead sea minerals is my second favorite! This one is a facial scrub which is supposed to accelerate the removal of dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. It is excellent for all skin types (including oily skin). I use it twice or thrice a week. And the smell?.....Divine! I love citrus, fruity, tangy smells, and this baby here has it. This has to be my new facial scrub ooooo! I always used St. Ives apricot scrub, but this one here has stolen my heart, and i would always purchase and use it as long as it is easily available. The only issue i have with it though is that the grains in it are rather rough and kinda graze my skin as i scrub. Although, it is written on the tube that:
“The dead sea mineral grains act as abrasive particles which melt instantly when water is added, allowing you to limit the intensity and duration of the scrub according to individual skin needs”
The abrasive particles does melt, but they don’t completely melt instantly. Well, that’s not a serious issue for me because i still love the scrub. I just thought to let you know how it is so that incase you decide to buy it, you would know exactly what you are getting.

However, there is one last product in the skin care set which wasn’t sent to me….it’s the Protect me, restore me day cream. That one is formulated to be used in the daytime and has ultra violet protection to protect you from the harsh rays of the sun.

So that’s it for the skin care products review. Thanks again Sleek Nigeria for the products.

*** I'm yet to recieve the price list for the products. Once i do, i'll share***


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