Friday, 28 March 2014

The Maybelline MakeUp Fair (MMUF)

*Sneaks back in after more than a week, opens door quietly and peeps in. There is a sea of earnest faces looking at me….some smiling, most of them side-eyeing me. For a moment, i almost run out and slam the door with shame, but something holds me back. Instead, i pick up the mic, give a shaky smile and clear my throat*

‘Ello beauties. 
Ackshually, i’m tired of apologizing for being missing in action so often, but as usual, i always have good reasons. I've been conducting back-to-back training sessions, and i haven’t really had the time to update my blog as often as i would have loved to. Three of my students graduated recently and a fourth one began training today…. So honestly, it hasn’t being easy. I do school runs too, and i buy fuel (Yes, the evil fuel scarcity has been dragging on for weeks, and i thought it was over…mtcheeew!).
Also, remember that my bun is still baking, and with it comes aches and pains. Now, it’s really hard to sit and bend over a lap-top. Lying down on the bed to type is no easy feat to achieve either…..but what can i do? I have to keep trying ‘cos i can’t just leave you all without something to read, pictures to view, or something to learn.
Anyway….i have news! (I hope you’ll forgive me after this *Sheepish grin*)
Remember how i missed last year’s makeup fair and how pained i was? Well, this year, it’s as if the makeup industry has decided to compensate me for last year! Loolz! There are soooo many events lined up …chei! This Sunday, there’s the Maybelline makeup fair organized by the POPs concepts.

“POPs Concepts – organizers of The MakeUp Fair Series brings to you the very first Maybelline MakeUp Fair (MMUF).
Calling on Makeup artists, Beauty retailers, Makeup Distributors, Resellers and lovers of everything makeup and beauty to come prepared to shop and stock up on the amazing Maybelline product range including the new CLEAR SMOOTH ALL IN ONE shine free powder at great discounts; meet and mingle with fellow beauty lovers and attend a free masterclass session with Celebrity MakeUp artist/ Maybelline MakeUp artistic Director Bimpe Onakoya.

See below FREE MakeUp training schedule…….

Color Theory & MakeUp artistry 1pm – 2pm
Highlighting & Contouring  2pm – 3pm
How to achieve a flawless look  3:30pm – 4pm
Editorial & Runway look 4pm – 5pm

 There will be lots of shopping, fun, networking, music, food, makeovers, and freebies up for grabs.

Date : Sunday 30th March, 2014
Venue : 10 Degrees Event Centre- 2 Billings Way, Opposite Unilever, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos.
Time : 10am – 6pm
Attendance is FREE!

For more information, :
Phone No : 08188905667
Email address :
Twitter : @themakeupfair
Instagram : themakeupfair
BBpin : 2B076018 ”

I sent broadcast messages about the fair to those of you on my contact, but the first one had a different venue address which was at Agidingbi. Please note that the venue has been changed to ‘10 Degrees Event centre at Oregun’. Many pinged me to ask why there were two venues…….Well, it’s because there was a venue change……again, please take note. If you find yasef at Agidingbi, you are on ya own ooooooo! *runs faaaar away and sticks out tongue*
Please try not to miss this one. I hope to see most of you there. Those outside Lagos have been lamenting that Lagosians have been having all the fun…..kpelenu. Maybe eeees time for you to pack ya load and relocate to the ‘happening city’. Don’t worry sha, i’ll be kind and go with my camera to take pictures for your viewing pleasure.
See you on Sunday!
*Drops mic, leaves the stage and quietly closes the door*

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  1. Yeuus! I was one of those giving u sideeye. Lolzzz. Anyway sha, apologies accepted. But i ll miss the fair cos i dont live in the happening city.-Lady Eva

  2. This trick of sneaking in will not work for me oh, it's not fair oh, sha i nominated you for 2 blog Awards SHINE ON and SUNSHINE AWARD......i know you'll love it
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

    1. Yaaay! Another fun award! My prob now will b nominating 15 bloggers.....hmnnnn.....

    2. you can start with 6 and then update the list later* that's what i did sha*


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