Monday, 31 March 2014

The Maybelline makeup fair & The WED Expo in pictures

Well hello everyone!

What a weekend it was! I attended the Maybelline makeup fair and the ‘WED Expo’ on Sunday. The organizers did wonderful jobs and it was all very nice! First, i attended the Maybelline fair with my friend Ebere who is the best bridal hair stylist i know (believe me….i kid you not). You can view her blog here  the pictures will speak for themselves.


With Lape of 'Lape's beautiful creature'

With Cloe's makeovers
So we got to the Maybelline fair around 12:30pm or so and there were already lots of people there! The Masterclass was about to begin, there were stands everywhere selling makeup tools. The only products on sale were Maybelline products because it was a Maybelline fair of course! I was happy to meet some blog readers who recognized me from my blog pictures.

Hegai & Esther's stand

I went over to Hegai & Esther’s stand, and i was delighted to see that they had the glass brush holder i've always wanted, so i purchased one of it, and also 3 packs of water gels to put inside it. It’s really beautiful….i’ll show you pictures later. I had run out of my 99% Isoprophyl alcohol brush cleaner, so i had to purchase another bottle from Hegai & Esther as well….i love them ‘cos they have lots of makeup hygiene stuff! If you understand the importance of makeup hygiene, you will appreciate them.

There was an MINC (Makeup in Nigeria Conference) stand there for registration. Are you a makeup artist? Have you registered? No? You berrer do! Unfortunately, i didn’t register ‘cos i would not like to ‘born my shild’ at the conference or worse still inside my car (giggles). Go and register sha ooo!

Masterclass about to begin

Ladies being made beautiful

Evolve stand

Masterclass kicked off

So we took some pictures, and then by 4pm (or thereabouts), we left for the Haven at G.R.A Ikeja to attend the WED Expo fair. Did you know that asides from makeup, i love weddings? I do…i really do! The WED Expo had been on since Friday, so Sunday was the final day. We got there, and the first thing i noticed was the ‘akpu-obi’s’  (big burly security guys) everywhere! It was kind of intimidating, and i was almost scared of taking pictures…..looolz! Everything looked good at this fair…..lots of event decorators, cake stands, few makeup stands, makeup artists, photography stands, etc! People were just everywhere! I took some pictures for your viewing pleasure……

Look at that massive cake by 'Cakes by Tosan'

Eby and some models.... their makeup was by 'Kasamyrrh'

I fell in love with the gown on the front. Absolutely beautiful!

Cakes 'n Candy' confectionery stand

Nwando's signature!

Lovely ladies

'Drape kings' stand

I found the BM| Pro stand there, and i picked up their lipgloss in 'Calla' . I've always wanted to get it, so imagine my joy when i found it there.

And there was a 'Kayge' stand too!

I met Anita of 'Anita brows beauty' who carves beautiful brows.

Look at this decor by 'Torge events'.....soooo beautiful!

So that’s pretty much it. I’m really looking forward to the LMUF. Kudos to the organizers of these events! E no easy ra ra.

So who else was at the MMUF?

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  1. Finally u made it to ds year's event cos I remembered last year wen u lamented for finding out late abt d event or thereabt. Can't remember exactly what made u missed it. So congrats girl, by the way u look breathtaking.

    1. Yes ooo! I missed the LMUF last year because it was on a Saturday, and the traffic that day was hellish!
      There is still the upcoming LMUF this year too! God willing, i'll be there.

  2. Yeah it was a wonderful outing with my super make up artist

  3. Yeah it was a wonderful outing with my super make up artist

  4. Yes oh abeg i don't want you to give birth in your car or a conference Hall...LOL
    OMO should i call you Baby OKu?? cause you look like a 13 yr old, Mehn that First picture is the bomb jor...
    Lape your Beautiful Jare:)
    The Event was graceful and Beautiful
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

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  6. Very lovely, u r doing a great job. I absolutely agree with u eby's work is amazing. Love every bit of it

  7. uju of Michi Gabbi1 April 2014 at 11:58

    Glad to know that Michi Gabbi made a good impression @the Wed Expo
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    1. Advert without contact details? Na wa

    2. uju of Michi Gabbi1 April 2014 at 12:56

      So sorry for leaving the most important part out
      Contact Michi Gabbi @ our showroom 29 ire-akari estate rd isolo lagos or call us on 08032290488,08127790680 , bb pin 28FF161D ,instagram: michigabbibridals

  8. You still waka go WedExpo, you try o, T'was nice meeting you dear. So now i am sad, i didn't get to meet Lape! *crying*

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