Saturday, 15 March 2014

Uche got re-defined!

Uche needed a makeover for an event she had to attend, so she came by the studio for a quick fix. She didn’t want an overly loud look. Her dress was green with a pink underlay, and i knew instantly that she had to rock pink lips.

Her face was really oily, so i had to use my MOM (Milk of magnesia) to prime her entire face and keep the oil under control. Howeveer, i encountered a ‘lil trouble with the MOM today……after i applied and it dried, it left whitish flecks on her face. I’m not talking about the white patches it leaves when it dries……there were flecks, and they refused to be covered with foundation, so i sued my concealer brush to pick them off her face one by one… was not a small suntin at all but i won.

Her fiancé came to the studio with her, and he liked the look. Do you?


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  1. Simply beautiful. Pls tel me more abt d MOM cos I av a very oily face too.

  2. I like her look, and your blog is nice.

  3. Don't like d brows. Is it tattooed?

  4. Am a lover of this blog and ur work too, also an new artist am in need of a good foundation primer.pls recommend any good one Umuahia souks no good place to get my materials ouch.


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