Monday, 7 April 2014

Amara graduates!

Amara registered for makeup training at Blushes 'n Dimples Makeup school 7 weeks ago, and she finally completed her training session last week. It was a hectic 6 weeks because we had to struggle to make sure she 'got it' before she completed her 6 weeks at the school. And i'm glad that there was a lot of improvement in her work compared to when we began.

Her 4th attempt or so

Brows are still a work in progress

Like i always say, practice IS essential. You can NEVER get better if you don't practice. When you train, you only acquire the basic skills you need. It's only a 6 weeks course, and its 3 classes a week, 3 hours each. You can't be perfect at the time you graduate unless you are a pro or a gifted artist..... we all need to practice.....i still do. Even professionals still go for trainings to learn more.

Congrats Amara.....i really wish you success in your endeavors, and i WILL be stalking your dps to make sure you are don't rest on your oars dear.

Jisike (Well done)


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  1. I agree with Lape, her gele tying skills are good...congrats to the new graduate!


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