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MUA alert!

Hello beauties,

It's an MUA alert post. Y'all know why i do these posts once in a's to give MUAs in other states a platform to showcase their work so that readers of my blog in their states (yep! I have plenty readers *bats lashes*) can see their work, save their contacts and call them when their services are needed.

So here's introducing Adaobi Okafor of  'Dobzi fingers'.  She's a free-lance makeup artist based in the East/South, but she basically goes where work calls.
She's really passionate about what she does. I enjoyed reading her answers to my questions so grab your zobo and kuli-kuli, pop-corn and coke, groundut and kunu, or pizza and soda and enjoy!

How did you get started as a makeup artist?

I took lessons, practiced, practiced and practiced. Saved up and purchased some products that I could start up with. I started out making people up for free, I literally begged people to let me do their makeup for free until I had the confidence and experience to start charging for my services.
What does beauty mean to you?

There is no denying that makeup if applied correctly is really pretty and can really transform a face but beauty for me radiates from the inside out, it's not really what you look like on the outside but instead it is how well you treat people, how well you behave and carry yourself. There's this quote that I love and it goes..."no amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart".

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been a freelance makeup artist for two years now.
Who inspired you (or what)?

As a young girl I watched a lot of TV (I still do...movies, music videos, red carpet events, runway shows, you name it). I was always intrigued by how one would look one way now and the next day look a different way, often times after watching shows I would try to recreate the looks that I saw on myself and anyone around me (and of course failed most of the time). But after lessons, a lot of practice and I am.

So how did you choose your business name?

Lol, how I chose my business name was so random, I wasn't even thinking about it at the time. I was making my best friend up one day and she was whining about how she wasn't in the mood to be made up and I just said, you are not even happy that "Dobzi Fingers" is touching your face and it just stuck since then...Dobzi is a nickname I coined from my name Adaobi.

What beauty advice would you suggest all women follow?

Oh my! I scream this to my sisters always.. "ALWAYS WASH OFF YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE GOING TO BED"..I can't say that enough.
What are your most favourite products?

Hmm....I have loads of favorites but I'll narrow them down to three. The Milk of Magnesia, Ruby Woo by Mac (this is not everyone's piece of cake but at the moment it's my favorite red lipstick. Love it!) and the Ben Nye Banana Powder.

What can you NOT go on a job without?

Definitely my camera, I always pack it a day or two before I leave for a job.
What is your favourite beauty look?

If you asked me this a month ago, I would have said the smokey eyes and nude lips but at the moment, I am just obsessed with the nude eyes or minimal eye makeup with a pop of RED lips. Poowww!!

High-points of your career as a makeup artist?
I still consider myself a newbie in the world of Makeup Artistry. I wouldn't really say that I have had an experience that I would classify as the high point of my career. But I feel so fulfilled every time a client is happy with the work I have done on her. I fondly remember one instance where the husband of a bride I worked with called me to thank me for a job well done. Asides the financial gain (because man must chop), the client's satisfaction satisfies me.
What inspires the looks you create? As in how do you decide on a makeup look for your clients?

Before everything else, I always ask the client what look she is going for, that way I know what direction to go but when I feel the look isn't suitable, I make some suggestions till we get to an agreement. The main decision rests on the client though because after all, I am after customer satisfaction.


What piece of advice would you give upcoming muas to help them in their careers?

This is actually a flattering question. I am not sure I qualify to offer advice because like I said I still consider myself a beginner also but if I have learnt anything, it's don't buy products on a whim especially if it's your first time, do your research, ask questions, connect with other makeup artists and ask for directions and most importantly, practice,practice and keep practicing.


Email :
BBM: 7b0af32f
Instagram: @dobzifingers
Twitter: @dobzifingers
Facebook Page: Dalozone Blog

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  1. I really want to learn 4rm u,pls wen is ur next class starting?

    1. Please add me up on 27520 BFD or call me on 08062511430

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