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PRODUCT REVIEW | Hegai & Esther 99% Isoprophyl alcohol brush cleaner

Hello beauties!
I’m here once again to share another product by Hegai & Esther with y’all. But first of all… *go down low* loolz…just goofing. First of all, how are you all doing? Wonderful i hope.
Have i mentioned how much i love the Hegai & Esther brand? Some of their products are really great, and when i find something i love (no matter the brand), i share. *winks*

By the way, this is a review.

That's the extra spray bottle on the right

Now, the first time i heard read about their 99% Isopropyl Alcohol was on Yemisi’s blog. She did a review on it, and i thought i should buy a bottle and give it a try. I figured i needed it because i do makeup trainings, and i can't wash the brushes in between uses by the students, so i thought the spray will be perfect since it dries quickly. That way, the brushes will be clean for all the students to share.

So i headed to Yemisi's studio and purchased a bottle. I bought the small one though to see if it was good. When i put it to use, hmnnnnn……it was really good ooo! It cleaned my brushes so well that i almost got addicted to using the spray, and i almost stopped giving my brushes a proper wash like i do every 2 weeks (it was that good). When the spray finished, i thought i could just buy methylated spirit (‘cos it’s cheaper….i’m shameless, i know loolz!), pour into my bottle and use it to clean my brushes. I did try it, but it wasn’t the same. The methylated spirit didn’t clean as well as the Hegai & Esther 99% Isopropyl alcohol, so i knew i had to purchase another.

So at the Maybelline fair, i bought another bottle at the Hegai & Esther stand (the big one this time), and i decided to do a review on it.
First of all, the packaging is very ok. The bottles are sturdy, and i like the fact that it doesn’t leak if the bottle happens to turn over. They also have empty spray bottles for sale in case you need extras. I had to buy an extra because the nozzle of the very first spray bottle i bought got spoilt and stopped spraying no matter how hard i pumped it, so i bought an extra at the Christmas fair.
The smell of the alcohol is strong, but it isn’t overwhelming, so it werks just fine for me. The quantity of alcohol inside the bottle is also very okay….lasts for a long time.

My dirty foundation brush

Spraying the brush with the alcohol (pls excuse the blurry picture. i had noone to help me take the pix, so i balanced my camera under my jaw/chin and used self-timer)

Wiping the brush soaked with the alcohol on the napkin i placed on my thigh for that purpose

My clean foundation brush. I sprayed and wiped it like 3 times

As you can see above, i took step-by-step pictures. All you will need is your bottle of brush cleaner spray, a small napkin or cloth, and of course your dirty brush.
1). Place the cloth on a flat surface or on your thigh (my thigh works better for me though).
2). Spray your brush just enough to soak the bristles.
3). Wipe back and forth on the napkin

Repeat steps 2 & 3 till the brushes are clean. How often you have to repeat the steps depends on the size of the brush and on how dirty it is. For example, my lip brush doesn’t need more than 2 repeats, while my foundation and powder brushes may need me to repeat the steps 3 or 4 times.

It’s easy ba? It’s fast too. The good thing is that it sanitizes the brushes and kills bacteria and germs, making the brushes clean enough for you. And the cleaned brushes dries really fast….faster than when they are washed with water.

Hegai & Esther store
21/25 Akinsanya street, Ojodu berger

Please note that using a brush cleaner spray shouldn’t replace proper washing of your brushes. You should STILL wash your brushes at least once in 2 weeks. The spray is just for a quick clean in between uses… get? I hope you do.


500ml bottle - N1,250
250ml bottle - N7S0
Empty spray bottle - N300


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