Friday, 18 April 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | Maybelline baby lips

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This post is a product review which is loooong over-due. Before i got my first Maybelline baby lips, i was using the Aloe lips lip balm by Forever living products, and it worked just fine for me......well, until pregnancy happened. After a while, nothing worked moisturizers, my lip balm, even my signature perfume had a smell like cow poopoo! #Hormones

My Aloe lips left my lips all heavy , waxy, balmy and peely and i hated it instantly. I searched for a replacement but i couldn't find, until i read a review on a beauty blog about Maybeline baby lips. Well, i loved the packaging, and i knew i had to get it.

My chance came at the Christmas beauty a'fair last year and i purchased one for N1,000. and it worked! It worked sooooo well! Infact, i don't know how to describe it, but just believe me when i say that this little miracle in a tube did wonders on my lips! Then, i worried about how to purchase another when i finished it. If only i knew what was going to happen next........Remember the goody bag i got from the L'Oreal beau'tea parry? Guess what i found inside.....yup, you guessed right Another Maybelline baby lips moisturizer!

The one in my goody bag

This lip balm is awesome inugo? (you hear?) It's light, not balmy or waxy, and moisturizes really well. They all have different nice smells and some of them are tinted while some are not. The one i bought at the fair was pink and had an orange tube. It gives my lips a nice pink tint. While the one i got in my goody bag smells like banannas in a way.

The one i bought at the fair

I really love this lipbalm, and i'm sorry to say, but it's goodbye to my Forever Aloe lips......well, unless i run out of baby lips and can't find any around.

I bought my Maybeline baby lips for N1,000 at the fair

So that's it for the review....... k'emesia


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  1. A review without showing how it turned out on your lips? Not fair oo. The packaging and colour is ok sha

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