Friday, 4 April 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW / MAKEOVER | 'Pink shadows' ft Sleek eyedust in 'Drama'

Hello dears…… How have you been? Hope good.

So today, i got kinda bored and decided to use my bloated face to review the Sleek eye dust i got in my sleek goody bag some weeks ago. I got a matte black eye dust in ‘Drama’……it’s actually a loose eyeshadow before you’ll be wondering what an eye dust is again. Loolz!

I didn’t realize how much i missed working on my face. Even though what i did was a very simple look, i enjoyed doing it. I still maintain that i HAVE to take basic photography classes ‘cos i’m not utilizing my pro camera well. I own a Canon 600D (thanks to my sis), and it has a lot of settings which i have no idea how to use. Last Sunday at the makeup fair, a nice photographer saw me struggling with my camera trying to take a picture of the amazing décor by Torge events, i couldn’t seem to get it right at all, but he came, flicked some buttons and turned some knobs and when he eventually took the pictures, i was like ‘WOW! TEACH ME! Well, he tried to, but i got lost at some point. Oh well…….

The Sleek eyedust in ‘Drama’ is really pigmented, and i like it because it blends out easily and well. I have never used a loose eyeshadow before, so i was skeptical about trying it out at first, but i did and it was easy to use. I wish i had more in different colors.

So, here’s the look i did with it, it’s called ‘Pink shadows’. This look was inspired by a video i watched sometime ago by ‘Beautybyjj’ on youtube. Instead of pink in the middle of her upper lids, i think she used either blue or purple….i can’t remember. She also did nude lips, but i went with pink.

Did you notice that i didn't fix any false lashes for the look? I didn't really feel like it. Well, if i had, it would have brought out the look more. But sometimes, 'simple' is better, and less is more. 
I like the sleek eyedust, and i’ll certainly be purchasing more of it.
Besos dears!

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  1. Finally, you fine sha.

  2. So i agree with you on that with the 600D you should be able to take better pics otherwise it will be the same as an ordinary point and shoot camera. Try going on to google or youtube to find some tutorials. Also `try not to use the camera flash, either get a diffuser or slave flash. Errrr i'm not an expert but its something new i learnt recently. Great review


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