Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Show 'n tell | My new brush holder.


I dunno if this is a review or not, it's more of a 'Show 'n tell'……i just want to show you one of the things i bought at the fair.

So, in my post yesterday, i mentioned buying a glass brush holder with water-gels from Hegai & Esther’s stand at the Maybelline makeup fair last Sunday. The first i saw the brush holder was on their blackberry display picture (‘cos i happen to have them on my blackberry contacts). It looked so lovely and i knew i had to have it. If you know me well, you would know that i’m a total sucker for beautiful, attractive, colorful and unique stuff……that’s why i avoid Iponri market like a plague. If you’ve been to that market, you would know what i’m talking about. Whenever i go shopping there for my kid’s birthday party-packs, i ensure that i leave my debit cards at home, and i go with just the exact amount i need. If not, wahala go dey ‘cos i will seriously over-spend and then cry all the way home.

But i digress…….

So, as i was saying, when i saw the picture, i just had to get the holder for my studio, but the problem was how to go and get it from their store. Festac is far from Ikeja, and i loathe driving in traffic. So you can imagine my joy when i got to their stand at the fair, and there sitting on the table in all its glory was the beautiful glass! The first thing that struck me was the size of it. It looked bigger than i expected, and i was well pleased.

the gels were really tiny before i soaked them

Then, i picked up 3 packs of water-gel to fill the glass with. I call them ‘water-gels’ because you have to soak them in water for like 8 hours so that they will swell up and look as beautiful as they should. Before they get soaked, they look soooo tiny, but you will be amazed at the size of each one when they ‘grow up’. I really wish i took pictures of the satchets and the gels before soaking them……dunno what i was thinking *rolls eyes*. I sha soaked them in the glass over-night and by morning, when i saw them i couldn’t help but gasp out loud……’twas pretty! Loolz!


Hegai & Esther store
21/25 Akinsanya street Ojodu berger


(They also deliver)


Glass jar - N1,500
Beads satchets - N200 each

 Watch out for a review on the 99% Isoprophyl Alcohol brush cleaner spray by Hegai & Esther too.
This brush holder was for my Sigma brush set…. So i’m definitely getting another for my ‘Bobbi brown’ brush set.

Besos dears!

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  1. Awww its cute! I left my brushes in a jar like that but the dust wont allow me to keep them out on display like that smh!

    1. Oh? I use mine frequently, so I don't have dust issues.

  2. always wanted to get one now i am convinced i should. www.mstomie.blogspot.com


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