Sunday, 4 May 2014

B' n D makeover | 'Brownie' featuring Nony

Ndi be’anyi, da’alu nu ooo!
(My people i greet ooo!)

How’s your Sunday going? It’s a lazy Sunday over here, but of course Dindu, Mish (She now calls herself ‘Sunshine’…..story for another day) and their baby sister have been keeping us busy. School resumes on Tuesday, so from next week, we’ll have some peace and quiet even if it’s for a few hours everyday.
My sister came to spend some time with us today, and i decided to do a look on her face (What can i say?…I’ve missed my brushes and colors).
It's a lot of pictures....i know....and i'm not even sorry! *Ntooooiii*


·       Marykay foundation in 507 all over her face
·       Marykay concealer in bronze 1 to clean out her brows
·       ‘Office’ pressed powder in BC347 for setting her foundation
·       Sleek contour kit in ‘Dark’ for contouring her nose, cheeks and forehead
·        Black radiance blush in ‘Soft honey’ on the apples of her cheeks
·       MAC brown eye pencil for filling in her brows
·       Eyeshadows from my 88 color warm palette for her eyes
·       Maybelline colossal mascara for her upper and lower lashes
·       Zaron eyeliner in ‘Black velvet’ to line her inner waterline
·       M.A.C fluidline eyeliner in ‘Blacktrack’ for lining her upper lashline
·       Jordana lipliner in ‘Hot cocoa’ for lining her lips
·       Flomar brown lipstick on the outer part of her lips
·       NYX jumbo pencil in ‘Milk’ for the inner part of her lips
·       BM|Pro lipgloss in ‘Calla’ for the inner part of her lips

I didn’t fix false lashes for her because she reacts to the glue. Each time i fixed for her in the past, she began to tear up and ruin her foundation, so i decided to save us both the trouble today. Instead, i used the wonderful Maybelline colossal mascara to lengthen and volumize her lashes. I achieved this with 3 coats. When i was done, my mum asked if i fixed falses on her …… loooolz!

So, who likes the look?

I do!

Besos ladies!

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  1. Your sister is pretty, she has beautiful eyes.

  2. Awwwwww your sister is pretty, about the glue, have you tried a different type? I think your photography skills have improved too

    1. No I haven't tried another type. I guess i'll do that.

  3. Gud Job ! U have abeautiful sister.

  4. Yep,resemblance is there no doubt,pretty like you

  5. Beautiful job! Well done. Me likey. LolaOye

  6. Wowzers! This is so beautiful!

  7. Love the eyes.

  8. Its so good looking. Love the eyes xo much


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