Sunday, 18 May 2014

B'nD Makeover | 'Up the vamp' A.K.A Duke

Happy Sunday ladies……
I did a B’nD makeover on my face today….wow, it’s been sooo long!
Well, after seeing the beautiful looks Stella and Dinma did with their sleek ‘Flash ‘a pout’ lipstains in ‘Duke’, i mustered up the courage to do a look with mine.
When i swatched the lipstains after i got them from Sleek, ‘Duke’ scared me a bit ‘cos it looked ‘vampire-ish’, and i thought i would never wear it…. i didn’t even know how to wear it (as in what kind of eyes to wear it with), but seeing Dinma and Stella’s looks and some other dark looks i saw in some pictures i came across gave me the inspiration i needed.

So here’s my version christened ‘Up the vamp’

I would have loved to use Ardell 'Wispies' lashes for this look, but it wasn't available, so i used 'Babies' didn't quite come out how i wanted it. I wanted thicker, fuller lashes. If i had more than one 'Babies' lashes, i would have doubled it....oh well..........

·       MaryKay foundation in bronze 607 all over my face
·       Marykay foundation in 507 for highlighting underneath my eyes
·       Maybelline All-in-one powder pressed powder in ‘Nutmeg’ for setting my foundation
·       Sleek contour kit in ‘dark’ for contouring and highlighting my nose and hollows of my cheeks

·       MAC brown eyebrow pencil and Italia eyeliner pencil in ‘deep brown’ for filling in my brows
·       Tara’s eye primer for priming my eyes
·       A gold eyeshadow from my BH cosmetics 120 color palette on my lids
·       A matte dark purple eyeshadow from my sleek ‘Bad girl’ palette for contouring the outer corners of my eyes.
·       A light eyeshadow from my BH cosmetics 120 color palette in the inner corners of my eyes.
·       Jordana fabuliner for lining my upper lids
·       Zaron eyeliner pencil in ‘Black velvet’ for my upper and lower waterlines
·       Ardell lashes in ‘Babies’

·       Maybelline ‘baby lips’ moisturizer
·       Sleek flash ‘a pout lipstain in ‘Duke’

That’s it ooooo! Maybe one day, i’ll muster up the courage to wear the ‘Duke’ lipstain out of my house. … but for now, lemme keep rocking my beloved shade in ‘forbidden’.
So what do you think of the look?

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  1. I love this look on you its absolutely beautiful and flawless!!

  2. I was almost scared of reading the comments on this post.....loooolz!

  3. the Eye make-up is lovely but the Lips................Scary.
    Your finishing is always flawless.
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

    1. Yelz! Be very afraid! Loooolz!

  4. The eye make-u goes perfectly with the lips IMO,produces a different but stunning look.

  5. Hot momma of 3, you are looking good dear. I'm still scared of using duke o o.

    1. Use the suntin joooor! Eeees wee see.

      Oh , and thanks for the compliment.

  6. Waaoo! Looking so beautifu!

  7. Mama word for diz lok....#stunning#....*Thelma*

  8. Its okay. I think I like it. Na think I talk o

    1. Tehehehehehehe! I think I like it too.

  9. i love this look and the Duke is my fav i wear it out most of the time!!!

  10. Replies
    1. Aaaaaaah! My darling Buki is here! Y'all need to visit her blog.....

  11. This is beautiful! It looks like make-up from the set of a stunning vamp movie. I love it!

    1. Ooooooh! Favour in the building! *does a 'lil dance*

    2. Lol! Hi aunty! Love your blog,its totally fabulous!


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