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Let's play! | 5 questions

Hullo ladies,
Ke nke n’eme? (what’s happening?)
Ahem….so i thought i should introduce an interactive, fun segment on the blog tagged ‘5 Questions'. Basically, it involves 5 questions which we would all answer (truthfully). You can answer anonymously, but what matters is that you should answer as freely as possible, there are no set rules…..just make it as fun as you can!

You gerrit?
So here goes…….

First of all, music makes me happy. It lifts my spirit on sad days…. There’s this power music has…and i mean good music ooo! Not songs like….
‘Lada lada lada lada ooooooooo! Awa Lord Jesus eeees a lada! (2ce)
Broda follow….follow the lada, follow the lada, follow the lada to heavun.
Sistah follow…..follow the lada, follow the lada, follow the lada to heavun’
Songs like this just makes me sad.
 Movies makes me happy too (a select few though like ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ I can’t get enough of this one!, ‘Desperate housewives’ ).
Hmnnn….what else? Rainy days makes me happy too, especially when there is light and i can snuggle under the duvet and watch a movie….but if there’s no light, it doesn’t feel as good.

Hmnnnnnnn…..Genevieve Nnaji….love her to bits! I’ve met her once at my sister’s office, but that was a loooooong time ago. I just took a pix with her and that was all. I would love to meet her again.

Loooolz! It was when i was in high-school. The year was 1998, the day was ‘April fool’s day’ and the recipients of the prank were my parents. I sent a letter home to them from boarding school, telling them that i was suspended from school for ‘scaling’ (leaving the school premises with the day-students). I wrote that i got caught, was punished and then got suspended for two weeks, so they should expect me home soon, and then at the end of the letter, i wrote ‘APRIL FOOL!’

Ooooooh! I love country music!  Don Williams, Kenny Rogers and Shania Twain are my favorite. And then i love highlife and ‘ogene’ music (Yeah, i’m bush like that) and of course some gospel music too!

Actually, i have two..permit me to share both of them:
On April 1st, a woman wanted to play a prank on her husband. So she decided to write him a letter saying she is tired of him and didn't want to live with him anymore, and after writing she put the letter on the table in the bedroom before hiding under the bed...Hubby came back home, saw the letter and read it, then he also wrote something on it then began to sing and dance, changing his clothes. He got his phone, dialed someone then said:
"Hey babe, am just changing clothes then will join you, as for my old madam, it has finally dawned on her that I was fooling around with her all this while and has left. I was really wrong to have married her, I wish I had known you earlier. See you soon honey!".
The hubby then walked out of the room. In tears and very upset, the woman got up from under the bed and read what the hubby wrote in the letter:
"Madam April fool....I could see your feet under the bed, abeg stop this your silly games. I am going to buy bread, stand up and fry egg for me joor"!

That’s the first one, and it has an ‘awwwww!’ factor. There’s something endearing about the joke. Now, the second one:

In a social gathering where other moguls and wealthy men were present,
one Igbo businessman was looking for a way to impress other rich men who were present. So he sent for his driver and had this conversation with him:

"Driver, go to my house, not the cream one, the white one. Not the white one in Ikoyi, the white one in Victoria Island. Not the one in Adeola Odeku, the one on Etim Iyang Cresent. Not No. 22, but No. 11. Take this remote control for the large black gate, press this button it will be opened. You will see a blue 2012 Kia Optima sport. Perpendicularly, adjacently opposite to the kia is another blue Toyota Camry, It is not that one. Trigonometrically, geometrically, hypotenously 90 degrees to the Camry is a gray 2012 Lexus V8, It's not that one.
The Lexus is very close to a black Mercedes Benz Gl 4matic, the Benz is just behind a Silver Coloured Chrysler 300c, the Chrysler is beside my Red Escalade ESV which is in front of my white 2013 Escalade EXT, blocking a Hummer H3T, opposite a blue Toyota Prado that makes a crescent to a black 2013 GMC xxl.
On getting to the GMC, make a diagonal sharp turn to the left extreme, on your way to where I parked the ash coloured Chevrolette Avalanche, very close to a Red BMW X6 in front of a 2012 Jaguar x-j, by the side of a Mercedes Benz 63-AMG, just by my swimming pool. At the back of the pool is my latest 2014 Chrysler Me-four-Twelve Convertible. Don’t touch the bonnet. Go to the boot, open it, you will see red, white and blue briefcases.
The red one contains dollars, $10 million. Don’t touch it. The blue contains pounds 8 million pounds. Don’t touch it. The white one contains Naira, 500s, 200s, 100s, 50s, 20s, 10s denominations. I arranged them in hierarchical order.
₦500 in first layer, ₦200 in second, ₦100 3rd layer, Take ₦100 from there n buy cigar for me”.

There! I've answered my own questions. Copy the questions in the comment section and type your replies below them. Can’t wait to read them…..Have fun!
Besos chicas!

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  1. LMAO! Those jokes got me laughing out loud and you're so mischievous !Did you really send that letter to your parents? LOL. We're kindred spirits, I looooove country music

  2. Hehehe....the jokes are too funny!
    I wonder what it is about that song that makes you feel sad though. Copying is not quite working but here goes...

    Listening to great music, great company, just like you, snuggling under covers in the cold and watching movies :).

    What Nigerian Celeb I would love to meet? O. T Fagbenle. I just want to meet him in flesh and stare at his beautiful face.

    Best Prank? April fool's day, I sent a message to a friend at midnight, told him my room mate(his family friend) had stomach upset, was throwing and wudnt stop. He rushed over in the morning with a friend and borrowed a vehicle to rush her to the hospital when he came and saw her still vomiting. We were great at the acting sha :D...that was when we shouted april fool!

    Favourite music? I looooove rock, alternative, metallic, mostly gospel sha. From Skillet to Switchfoot to Relient K to Nicole Nordeman.

    Favourite Joke? Let me just say this one. This husband and wife are driving somewhere and the wife sees some goats grazing. Trying to be naughty she said "Honey, are those your relatives? ", pointing at the goats. Her husband just replied calmly, " yes, they are my in-laws".
    Phew! Dassit!

  3. Ma'am, copying and pasting isn't working, so i'll just answer one after the other.

    Reading novels makes me happy, i can buy lots of novels and read them one by one. Food makes me happy too.

    I love jazz

    I would really like to meet Flavour N'abania and sing while he plays his guitar.

    My best prank? I've never played a prank before.

    My favourite jokes are Akpos jokes, but i cant think of anyone to type right now.

  4. Ma'am, copying and pasting isn't working, so i'll just answer one after the other.

    Reading novels makes me happy, i can buy lots of novels and read them one by one. Food makes me happy too.

    I love jazz

    I would really like to meet Flavour N'abania and sing while he plays his guitar.

    My best prank? I've never played a prank before.

    My favourite jokes are Akpos jokes, but i cant think of anyone to type right now.

  5. Yes Aunty B n' D, I hope U are fine with ur Rainbow Baby. Let me start with those things that makes me happy. Actually when I remember Jesus, My children and grand children and my husband that's it am always very happy. ------ ( 2. ) I reaiiy need to meet with RITA DOMNICS. ------ ( 3. ). Am not used to pulling prank, I 've not done one b4. ( 4. ) I like it cool some times. I can make do with Barry white and Don williams. Then when it comes to hot , I think I will go for Flavour and Fela. I also like gospel. ( 4. ) My favorite joke is the one u published I think I love it so much. -------- OMA !

  6. Okay. Lemmi give this a shot.
    1)-Jesus makes me happy + dancing +singing with my 'not-so-good' voice. Lol
    2)-I will really love to sit n chat with Chimamanda Adichie. I love writing so u can see d connection, right?
    3)-Pranks!! Ok, on April Fools day, I broke up with my boyfriend. I looked so sad n even shed a tear or two to make it seem real. Then I walked out on him, leaving a card close to his table. It said 'April Fools!!!' Hahahaha....how we laughed.
    4)I like old school pop +contemporary gospel music.
    5)Joke. A guy came into a restaurant to rob n was like 'Hey, pack all the food there and give me, OR ELSE.......'' Then a very huge man walked in and was like, ''OR ELSE WHAT?!!!'' The other man, timid, replied, ''Or else, I...go....pay.''


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