Wednesday, 14 May 2014

#RantTime (again)

I miss blogging

I miss doing B'nD makeover posts

I feel soooo detached from the beauty world......*sad face*

Call it 'Baby blues' or whatever you like, but i just don't like the feeling. I can't believe that this morning, i actually felt like giving it all up #Gasp! I know i said one time in the past that i can nevuurrrr give up beauty blogging, but i really don't know where that evil.....yes, evil.....thought came from. Since i had Zuriel my 'lil rainbow, i've missed out on two events i was really looking forward to.....first was the MakeUpInNigeriaConference, and the second one was an exclusive beauty party by 'Ori Flame cosmetics' which i got an invite to attend last friday. It was fun and i missed eeeet! I got some pictures from Chloe's blog which i would share with you though. Since we didn't attend, who says we can't view pictures? Oriflame cosmetics is a Swedish brand which would be launching in Nigeria soon. They specialize in skincare, hair, fragrance, makeup and accessories. They wanted to let us know what the brand is about...hence the party, and those who attended went home with goodie bags of course!

There's a third event i'm going to miss again on thursday #LeSigh. This one is an exclusive lunch for Nigeria's foremost fashion and beauty editors, hosted by JSP Communications in conjuction with Media Integra. At the lunch, we would be introduced to Jenika Mukoro who will be making the first presentation of 'Hairfinity' in Africa. Hairfinity is a product which promotes strengthening of african hair and also ensures that it grows healthily. The product would be launched in Lagos first by mid-year, and then in Accra and Nairobi. I'm sad that i'll be missing this event too, but nsogbu adiro (no wahala).

Meanwhile, here are some pics from the 'Oriflame' event......

....and errrrrrrr....i ain't EVER giving up beauty blogging. It gives me life!


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  1. Wow! I can just imagine how you feel. But Im glad you aint giving up because I would really miss you if you did :p

  2. Biko don't give up oh, just take time to enjoy the "baby blues Season" cuz you'll soon be out of it:).i just wished you got a goody bag so you'd do a review of their product.
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  3. Awww, Pele dear. Just hang in there. My love to Baby Zuriel, I love the name.

  4. In as much as I know that going to events would help me as one of ur followers, but then taking care of the new Baby is more important. Hehehe I would like u to enjoy your omugwo ooo!!. I trust Bn'D, no giving up. It's just omugwo tinz!!

  5. Ma ow z bby, hope ure good.


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