Sunday, 29 June 2014

B 'n D Makeover | 'Coined'

Good evening….

So this is the last look of the ‘Flash ‘a Pout’ series. I used the last lipstain named ‘Coined’ to do this look. I would have done this look and put up the post since, but ‘over-busy’ has been ‘worrying’ me these days. I barely managed to squeeze out the time to do this makeover, but i finally did it amidst ‘carry me’ and ‘feed me’ cries from ‘lil madam Zuri *wipes brow*.
She has definitely passed the ‘tse-tse fly’ phase when she used to sleep all day…….all she did was sleep! How i miss those days. Zuri can be an easy baby when she wants to, as in when she wants to be good, she’ll be very very good! Times like that, she’ll just stay on her own cooing happily and smiling, and when she’s in such a mood, i do everything i need to do with immediate alacrity!
So, today, i did this look.....

Thursday, 26 June 2014

BEAUTY TALK | How do you wash your face?

Howdy chicas,
Hope you are doing good. Today, i have an important question for you…”How do you wash your face?”

I know some of you will think “With soap and water na!” Loolz!. Yes, i know that soap is definitely involved, but the question is…”What type of soap do you use?”. If your answer to that question was “My normal body soap”, then you answered wrong. Don’t just grab whatever soap is available and wash your face with it.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The LMUF 3 in pictures

The LMUF 3 has come and passed. I was there on sunday like i said i would be, and it was great fun like i said it would be.

This post would be filled with pictures (about 50 or so), and i'm not even sorry! (buhahahaha!). It's hardly my fault because everywhere looked so organized and lovely, and i met some of my lovely readers and also some fellow i kept clicking away with my camera.

I'm soooo proud of my self! Why? Well, because i swore not to buy one single item (I tend to over-spend on makeup), and i suceeded.....well, almost suceeded. I sha bought one bottle of Imperial leather body wash. It's totally their fault 'cos their stand looked beautiful and smelled wonderful. That was the only thing i bought....i swear! You guys won't believe that there was a GTB 'Bank on wheels' just outside the door.....maybe so that if the POS at the various stands didn't work, you could just run out and use the 'Bank on wheels'. Chei! Beht i didn't fall prey.....thank goodness!

I went with Bella one of my ex-students......Oh, and Baby Zuri went too!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Our bean seeds are growing! Yaaaay!

Some weeks ago, Mish and her classmates were asked to bring empty containers and some bean seeds to school, so that they could plant them and learn about how things grow. I sent in Mish's container (she wanted a pink cup *rolls eyes*) and her bean seeds, and she planted them. After that, each time i went to pick her up from school, i checked on her plant, but alas! it wasn't growing! It wasn't just hers though....some of her classmates didn't have any sprouts in their containers.

Then on tuesday, after swallowing my disappointment at her 'plantless pink cup', i had an idea.....let's just plant ours at home. So we got her another pink cup. Dindu didn't want her to 'waka alone', so he asked for an orange cup so he could plant too.

Off they went downstairs to fill their cups with sand (sandy, loamy or humus soil, i dunno), and then they planted their seeds and kept the cups on a balcony. Everyday, they watered it expectantly wondering when they would see the first sprout. I think it took us about 5 days to realize that nothing was ever going to grow out of those cups!......Again?!!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

B 'n D Makeover | Siren

I start off with a particular look in mind, and i end up doing another.

That's usually the case with me whenever i drag out my makeup box to create a look for a blog post, or even when i'm trying to do my makeup for an outing. In this case, i had another idea for the eyes, but i ended up doing this one. The only thing that turned out exactly the way i wanted it to is the lips. It had to be the Sleek Flash 'a Pout lipstain in 'Siren', afterall, this is the sixth of the series of looks i'm creating with the lipstains. I've done 'Duke', 'Forbidden', 'Naivety', and 'Revolution'.

The 'Siren' is aptly named. It's a gorgeous red.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Let's play | 5 questions

It’s time to play again! I have 5 fun questions today, and i have answered mine. You can answer yours in the comment section. Copying the questions and pasting them might not work, so you can just answer them the way you want. We will understand it …… Have fun!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

B 'n D Makeover | Revolution

Howdy Ladies!

How's your sunday going? Very well i hope.

Yesterday, i did a makeover with the 4th Flash 'a Pout lipstain. This one is called 'Revolution'. I must admit, swatching the lipstains on just the lips isn't the same thing as doing a full look with them. You would not see the beauty until you do a full look with them (I think that is the case with all lip products).

'Revolution' is one of the lipstains from this lot which i never thought i could wear out....but after doing this look, i'm having a re-think. It looked really beautiful.

Ehn-hen, i used the Maybelline clear smooth All-in-One powder to do this look. Can you see how smooth it looks?

BETTER LIVING | It goes beyond the hashtag

This piece was written by Amaka Ezekwere (
Everyone is indeed doing their best by lending their voices in whatever way they can to see that 'our girls' are brought back. As much as I understand what it means to be a parent, I also know and can explain the joys and pains of motherhood. The parents of these children are indeed going through pain but their mothers feels the major pain. Why? You may ask, that is because, they carried them for 9months, they went through the labor pain, they gave that child her bath, they breast fed that child, she knows when the child is sick and so many other reasons that will make every mother educated or not to to agree with me that their mothers are bearing the major pain. Don't get it twisted fathers are wonderful when it comes to security of their children.
To everyone who has been carrying the #hashtag#, I say you are indeed doing a great job by lending your own voice, to the international bodies, thanks for your heart warming concern. It could have happened to any of us or our relations! #God forbid# someone will say. Truth be told nobody wishes for evil or painful experience. Today I say to every concerned individual that truly it goes beyond carrying the written word on the card, protesting on the streets, posting comments on social media, it really goes beyond granting interview on television stations. It is not time to start blaming the president or any leader. It is equally not time to make mockery of the first lady's vocabularies or make shirts with them. It is time to make a permanent and positive change. In fact I'm beginning to get irritated with the way some people are using this situation to create some cheap publicity stunt.
I intend to lend my voice on a different platform, which is to say that we should go beyond the tag and start working on how to protect children, girls and women permanently. We started showing what I call semi- maximum concern because girls were kidnapped. When they are found, everyone including me, says a general ' thank God' and that ends it. Who then will care about helping them come out of their psychological trauma? Who helps them lead a normal life? Who makes them understand that being a woman is not bad, but being a slave is terrible? Who helps erase the memories of their tortures and give them sweet memories  that is filled with sparkles of a bright future? Who will tell them that their father land is not a ' horror zone', but the greed in the heart of many is not letting them embrace peace? Who will tell them that education, security and freedom is their right.

As we begin to find answers to all these questions and so many other ones, I challenge us this day to lend our voices for every girl child that is being ill treated, lend your voices for that little girl being given out in marriage (child bride) ,lend your voices for that girl that has been raped and cannot speak out because of fear or Shame, for those women that has been and are victims of domestic violence, to those girls or ladies being abused in their places of work, to the ones being sexually harassed, to the girl's being threatened by lecturers to give in their bodies before they can pass their exams in the universities, to those widows being harassed by greedy in laws or being accused that she has a hand in her husband death, I say lend your voices and see why it must go beyond carrying of tags and protesting on the streets.
Stand up for a girl child today and make a woman's future prosper. We all have roles to play, give your house help right to education, don't bully your female sisters, love your wives and correct in love, give the right grade without demanding a female students body, see that girl you intend to rape as own sister or daughter, give a woman a chance to proof her worth through hard work. Encourage a woman today by strongly supporting and encouraging them. It truly goes beyond the # bring back our girls# tag

Amaka is a writer. She's also a blog reader and a dear friend.

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Friday, 6 June 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-one powder

I’ve had this powder since the L’Oreal tea party. It was one of the items in my goody bag. I’ve already reviewed the colossal mascara and kajal here, so today, it’s time to review the clear smooth all-in-one powder.

I’ve used the powder 5 times since then ( yup, i was counting), and now, i think it’s time to share my findings with the lovely readers of this blog.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

B 'n D Makeover | 'Naivety'

If you've noticed, i've been doing makeover posts featuring Sleek lipstains. First was 'Duke', next came 'Forbidden', today, it's 'Naivety'.

'Naivety' is a hot pink shade i never thought i could rock, but after doing this look, i had to change that thought......i can totally rock this!

Meet '9 Months' Mums & Infants store.

Hey Chicas!
Errrm……let’s just pretend that i’ve not been away for 15 days shall we?
Oya sorry na!
I have great news and amazing news! The great news is that Zuriel (my rainbow) will be 7 weeks old tomorrow…..can you believe eeeet?! How time flies…..and she's so big too! She has the cutest lips and the freshest ‘froshest’ baby breath everrrr! But wait, this post isn’t about her.
Now the amazing news…… 

When i was preggers, i needed a lot of baby and preggy mum stuff which i searched and searched for but couldn’t find them. I ended up managing myself and not using some of them. The ones i found took me a while to find. I remember searching for maternity jeans and not finding any in Festac and it’s environs, and i wasn’t ready to go to Lagos island. I also searched for the belly support belt to help with my back pain, but i no see am. My tops got so small and uncomfortable, but i couldn’t find trendy maternity tops or gowns *Wipes brow*