Thursday, 5 June 2014

B 'n D Makeover | 'Naivety'

If you've noticed, i've been doing makeover posts featuring Sleek lipstains. First was 'Duke', next came 'Forbidden', today, it's 'Naivety'.

'Naivety' is a hot pink shade i never thought i could rock, but after doing this look, i had to change that thought......i can totally rock this!

I'm never patient enough for my glue to dry before i start taking pictures....pretend like you can't see the glue

In my crease, i used a pink blush from my Sleek 'Pink sprint' palette because i didnt have an eyeshadow in the pink shade i wanted, so i used a blush instead (judge not so ye shall not be judged!).

Look at her!

I used gold glitter on my eyelids, on top of the gold eyeshadow.......can you tell?



Marykay foundation in 607 & 507
Sleek blush palette in 'Pink sprint'
S leek powder in 'Tropical bronze'
Marykay concealer in bronze 1 & 2


MAC brown eyebrow pencil
Tara eye primer
Blush from sleek's 'Pink sprint' palette in my crease
Gold and black eyeshadows from Sleek's 'Storm' eyeshadow palette on my lids
Jordana fabuliner for lining my upper lids
Ardell lashes in 'Babies'


Sleek's flash 'a pout lipstain in 'Naivety'

What sayest ye about the look?

Look how big Rainbow has become! She's 7 weeks old already, and she has started smiling 'social smiles' in when i tickle her cheeks or chin, she smiles at me....a real smile actually directed at me....loolz! I used the term 'real/social smile' because from when they are born till a certain time, babies smile a 'trance-like smile' they usually do it while sleeping or with their eyes's always funny when the do it. Zuri has the cutest lope-sided smile. I'll try to capture it on camera one day.

In other news, i love those earrings i used for the makeover! My mum dashed me.


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  1. Eeyaa ur Baby is so cute Ooo! I love her looks. Pls which of d baby milk do u give her? She looks so healthy. One more thing pls ask Grandma that some body needs her onw earring too. Hehehehe take care.

  2. i always use my pink blush too. so your not alone.
    Your really beautiful and so is lil rainbow:)
    The Beautiful Eagle

  3. Your make up is so pretty and artistic but Zuriel caught my eyes!

  4. im just seeing this.very beautiful the contacts


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