Thursday, 19 June 2014

B 'n D Makeover | Siren

I start off with a particular look in mind, and i end up doing another.

That's usually the case with me whenever i drag out my makeup box to create a look for a blog post, or even when i'm trying to do my makeup for an outing. In this case, i had another idea for the eyes, but i ended up doing this one. The only thing that turned out exactly the way i wanted it to is the lips. It had to be the Sleek Flash 'a Pout lipstain in 'Siren', afterall, this is the sixth of the series of looks i'm creating with the lipstains. I've done 'Duke', 'Forbidden', 'Naivety', and 'Revolution'.

The 'Siren' is aptly named. It's a gorgeous red.



Marykay foundations in 607 & 507
Marykay concealer in Bronze 1 for cleaning out my brows
Maybelline clear & smooth all-in-one powder in 'Nutmeg'
Sleek contour kit in 'Dark'


Elizabeth Arden eyeliner pencil in 'Brown' for my brows
NYX eyeshadow base in 'Skintone'
Tara's eye primer
Gold and bronze shades from my Sleek eyeshadow palette in 'Storm'
Jordana fabuliner for lining my upper lash line
Zaron's 'Black velvet' eyeliner for lining my waterlines


Zaron's lipliner pencil in 'Red vines'
Sleek's Flash 'a Pout lipstain in 'Siren'

The makeup fair is this saturday and sunday at Anchor Events Place, No 2 Registration close, off Lateef Jakande road, behind union bank, after LTV, Agidingbi, Ikeja Lagos.....Attendance is free! Soooooo excited. Hope to see you there!


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  1. neutral eyes, bold lips. i love it.....

    so we'll see u at d fair? yipppeeeeee

  2. I love the eyes.....biko share some tutorials na.....
    It's been long you did it, i use to enjoy it oh.
    The Beautiful Eagle

    1. My dear, that thing no easy jare. But i'll share some soon.

  3. gorgeous as always. love the eyelashes, it looks so natural. pls o i'm inviting u to my store come and shop till u drop lol be sure to come with Zurielle (that name is powerful love the meaning) we have baby stuff too. 116, Murtala Muhammed Way, Post-office bstop, yaba-ebuttemetta. or just shop online thank u. Sandra

    1. Oh really? I'll check out your online store. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful one.

    1. Chei! Thank you. *checks size of head in the mirror* Lool!

  5. I always love ur close Lipped smile and how you apply your Blush, the term "Rosy Cheeks" always come to Mind.
    Bia Madam! A Bio change is necessary o, you now have 3kids.

    1. Awwwww! Thanks a lot dear. I do close-lipped smiles 'cos its all about the makeup and I want the focus to be on my makeup and not my 'eze-oke' Lool!

  6. Lovely look u are one of dbloggers tha pushes me to be more .
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    by liking gracias.

  7. Its beautiful,I love! Tell Dindu he must like me by force oh! Mish is not really a problem and give Zuri a kiss for me

  8. Hi pretty woman.
    Love coming here for beauty tips.


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