Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Let's play | 5 questions

It’s time to play again! I have 5 fun questions today, and i have answered mine. You can answer yours in the comment section. Copying the questions and pasting them might not work, so you can just answer them the way you want. We will understand it …… Have fun!

Actually, i changed schools 3 times. First it was ‘Child’s world’ at coker, then ‘Joanna’ nursery and pry school, then ‘The Fountain School’, at Surulere Lagos……i can't remember my experience at the other schools, but i have such pleasant memories of The Fountain school! I remember my classrooms and my teachers Mrs Ikerionwu, Mrs Orieuwa, Mr Doe, Mr Agbleze and the rest of them….most of them were Ghanaian. I remember the owners of the school …Mrs Olaitan (The mother) and Miss Olaitan (The daughter), believe me, i still remember their faces. Mrs Olaitan always looked like a Queen to me with her streaks of grey hair and her prim and proper way of talking , Chai! I remember the sand-pit where we played, the pet house at the school backyard where we had a tortoise, some rabbits, and even a fish-pond. Chei, i remember the sick-bay, the computer room and the music room with the grand piano. How can i forget our ‘Brownie/girls guide’ meetings?
I remember racing to the swing sets once they rang the bell signifying ‘break-time’. I remember our morning assemblies and how we used to sing hymns from our little blue ‘Songs of praise’ booklets. I remember how we all wanted to be friends with whoever was celebrating his/her birthday….we would follow them around the school in awe and adoration… only lasted one day mind you. After that day, we dumped them for our normal friends…loooolz! Their few hours of fame don end be that.  Anyways, lemme just stop here before i ramble on and on.

Never ooooooo! I have clueless friends (side-eye). Common surprise baby shower, they couldn’t throw for me *wipes tears*. Mtcheeeew! Shame to bad people!

Actually, i have two….. ‘Be delicious’ by DKNY and ‘Mellow’ by Roberto Verino. Funny, but when i was preggers, i couldn’t stand the smell of ‘Be delicious’, so i dumped it in my dresser drawer, but i could bear ‘Mellow’ so that’s the one i used throughout my pregnancy.

Errrrrrrr……no, thank you very much. I like my private life the way it is. I sometimes wonder how big celebs like Genevieve, Chioma Chukwuka, Tiwa and other Celebs cope. It can’t be easy trying to be nice to everyone you meet. That’s why i actually don’t blame them when i hear complains of how they snubbed some folks. You don’t expect them to be up-beat and cheery all the time do you? Surely, they also have their bad days, and if you meet them in such moments and ask to take a picture, they might not react well. Then whenever there's a post about them on blogs, you get to read comments about how snobbish and rude they were to some people. Hian! That’s why i really dig Lagbaja’s style. If he sits opposite you on the train and even makes eye contact, you would never know he's the one. Instead, you’ll be wondering why this guy is giving you ‘the eye’ lool! I’ll rather have my peace and sanity than be a big celebrity.

Yes i have! 3 precisely.
‘Grey’s Anatomy’…… The part where Lexie died in the plane crash while MCsteamy (Mark Sloan) cried. I heard Mark later died too…..i stopped watching after Lexie died.
‘For colored girls’……The part where that crazy guy threw his kids out of the window while their mother screamed.
‘A game of thrones’……The part where Ned Stark was killed by that evil boy-king Jeoffery. He was beheaded and his daughters were watching in horror…..Jeeez! That Jeoffery boy…i’ve never hated a movie character so much! And then, they put Ned’s head on a spike and that boy forced Sansa his daughter to look at it. Tufiakwa!

I enjoyed answering my questions….can’t wait to read yours!
Besos lovelies!

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  1. I attended Kiddies Primary school then was transferred to Lutheran Primary school all in Calabar.
    Surprise party ke. the only surprise thing was a birthday cake.....maybe i'll have to assign a fairy godmother to whisper into the ears of my family and friends what i'll like as a surprise.
    I don't have a favorite perfume because i've not fallen for any perfume yet. for now i just love my natural bori perfume*winks*
    Celebrity......Hell YESSSSSS but thinking about the consequence HELL NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! lol
    I cried when i saw for colored girls the part where those children were thrown down by their father and where the dancer was raped, many others sha but i can't remember their names now.....
    Ps: Nse makes me cry when she acts as the
    The Beautiful Eagle

  2. I attended 3 schools-Abbey Junior mixed & infants school,sweetvale nur&primary school and purple vineyard all in alapere,Lagos. No one has ever thrown me a suprise party, I don't have a favourite perfume,anything dat smells nice will do.nopes, don't want to be a celebrity,I'm too shy*covers face*. And yeah I cried in The best man 2 for when Mia died and in the vampire diaries when aunt Jenna, alaric died and stefan's temporary death and when Bonnie died in season 4 and then daemon died too at d end of season 5(d tears r beginning to flow again*sniffing*)

  3. Just discovered your blog, i'm enjoying going through it.

    1)I attended Greenwood House School, i actually started the school in playgroup the week the school begun and I stayed till primary 6. I'm currently serving there and my brother goes there too, it's a family thing :)

    2) Yes, I have, when i turned 18, 3 different groups of friends threw a surprise party for me. You can read all about them in this post on my blog.

    3) I never really used perfume until recently. I got 3 bottles of perfume for my birthday at the beginning of this month. My favourite of them is Calvin Klein's in2u, I LOVE IT and i've started using it everyday!!

    4) I actually went to look for the definition of the word "celebrity" so I could answer this question properly. Celebrity = the state of being well known, yes i want to be well known because of how successful I will be and how much influence I will have by Gods grace. I will still keep my private matters private sha

    5) Letters to God, about a little boy who had cancer but was never discouraged, very moving


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