Thursday, 5 June 2014

Meet '9 Months' Mums & Infants store.

Hey Chicas!
Errrm……let’s just pretend that i’ve not been away for 15 days shall we?
Oya sorry na!
I have great news and amazing news! The great news is that Zuriel (my rainbow) will be 7 weeks old tomorrow…..can you believe eeeet?! How time flies…..and she's so big too! She has the cutest lips and the freshest ‘froshest’ baby breath everrrr! But wait, this post isn’t about her.
Now the amazing news…… 

When i was preggers, i needed a lot of baby and preggy mum stuff which i searched and searched for but couldn’t find them. I ended up managing myself and not using some of them. The ones i found took me a while to find. I remember searching for maternity jeans and not finding any in Festac and it’s environs, and i wasn’t ready to go to Lagos island. I also searched for the belly support belt to help with my back pain, but i no see am. My tops got so small and uncomfortable, but i couldn’t find trendy maternity tops or gowns *Wipes brow*
Then yesterday, i was driving home and i saw this store called ‘9 Months’, i did a u-turn and drove back there, and when i entered the store, i almost wept for joy! (I kid you not....i think it’s still the hormones…loolz) They had EVERYTHING! Everything i searched and am still searching for! Maternity jeans, tops, gowns, nursing bras, belly belts, moses basket, etc. They have the cutest onesies, the cutest baby clothes, bibs, socks, gowns…..oh my! And the quality is very good. I’ve been to many baby stores in Festac, and believe me, i know good quality when i see it.
I'm a sucker for attractive and colorful baby stuff and wears. When buying clothes and items for my babies, i go to a lot of stores just so i can pick beautiful stuff. But at '9 Months' store, EVERYTHING is attractive!  And the lady who owns the store was really nice too.
Oya let me show you pictures…..

Cute recieving blankets

Towels, flannels, baby bottles

Belly support belt/band

Clothes, bibs, recieving blankets

Diaper bags....don't you love 'em?

The cutest onesies ever!

See this beautiful 'Moses basket'!


A cross-section of clothes

Comb and brush sets

Just look at this pair of sandals!

And these pairs of sockies

Some nursing bras

Shampoos, powder, soap and lotions

I’m sharing this because know that Preggers ladies read my blog, and i’m sure that some of you might be searching for baby stuff. Whenever i come across great stuff, i like to loud it share the information. So if you stay in Festac and its environs, Please visit ‘9 Months’ Mums & Infants store.

32 road, by 41 road junction,
Close to First bank,
Festac-town, Lagos
08023269109 , 08063859973

Oh, and birthday shoutout to Dinma of ‘’…..many many blessings and many more blissful years ahead. Hope you had fun and ate lots of cake?
Besos dears!

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  1. Chinazor,where did you go to na? I kept coming here and refreshing your page but nothing showed. Abeg be giving us heads up when next you're leaving for a day sef.
    Who wants to try the concoction lipstick called 'moby-woo'? Please check out my blog to try it

  2. This a first class information. Thank u so much for that at least we can now drive to d store and get what we want.

  3. Chieeee! Thanks a million for this ma. i'm currently 27 weeks pregnant with twins and i'm still buying what i need for them. Like u, i love beautiful things. I will check the store out today.

  4. So there's a store like this in Festac? It's about time too! Thankfully, Amuwo Odofin is not far from Festac. I just had a baby, and i'm constantly buying new items for her. This store looks good. Is it beside first bank?

  5. Luvly thingz will checkout d sandal 4 my girl

    1. Pls wt is d work of dd support belt n is it safe, @ wt mth of preggy shuld one start usin it. Wt my 1st baby I had serious backache so shuld I start wearin it b4 d backache starts! Pls reply, nice blog btw

    2. It helps with backache, and yes it's safe. I think you can start using it when your tummy protrudes well. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. I need to save the address ooo...cos I see my pregger days not far ahead.
    Thanks for the review Chinazor.


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