Saturday, 21 June 2014

Our bean seeds are growing! Yaaaay!

Some weeks ago, Mish and her classmates were asked to bring empty containers and some bean seeds to school, so that they could plant them and learn about how things grow. I sent in Mish's container (she wanted a pink cup *rolls eyes*) and her bean seeds, and she planted them. After that, each time i went to pick her up from school, i checked on her plant, but alas! it wasn't growing! It wasn't just hers though....some of her classmates didn't have any sprouts in their containers.

Then on tuesday, after swallowing my disappointment at her 'plantless pink cup', i had an idea.....let's just plant ours at home. So we got her another pink cup. Dindu didn't want her to 'waka alone', so he asked for an orange cup so he could plant too.

Off they went downstairs to fill their cups with sand (sandy, loamy or humus soil, i dunno), and then they planted their seeds and kept the cups on a balcony. Everyday, they watered it expectantly wondering when they would see the first sprout. I think it took us about 5 days to realize that nothing was ever going to grow out of those cups!......Again?!!


Maybe they over-watered it or something. Well, we refused to give up. We had to plant again. Something MUST grow!

So this time, we got two empty containers of Zuri's milk and they filled them with sand. They planted their seeds again and added just a 'lil water, and then this time, they kept the containers on another balcony. In the evening of the next day, this was what we saw.....

YIPPPEEEE! Something did grow!

The container that has more bean sprouts is actually Dindu's but Mish believes it's hers..... so let's not tell her otherwise.....i don't have the strength to seperate fight biko.


The kids were both fascinated....i mean, who knew that you could just bury something in the sand and then it would grow? Wowzers! (loooool!). I'm glad that we did this experiment, and Mish's bean seeds grew. So if that pink container in school likes, it should remain plantless....lubbish!

I sha hope that they won't go on a planting spree. Maybe i should just hide my container of beans.

By the way, the 3rd edition of the LMUF is going on right now at Ikeja, but i'll be there tomorrow. If you see me, please come say 'ello. This is my first official outing since i gave birth....chei! I was just telling Amaka that i can't keep missing events just because i born a shild ni!

Besos darls!

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  1. Lol.u r jus so hilarious and ur kids such a joy.

  2. LOL. I remember doing this in primary school

  3. Oh my, look at my cuties all grown. Bless. :) I think i recall doing this way back in school as well. fun fun fun. :)

    p.s Now you sabi say kpangolo na plastic oga, abi? ;)

  4. Lol !! Kids and growing bean seeds, that started a long time ago.

  5. Lol! I love your stories... I happy their Beans Sprouted.

  6. It's nice to teach kids to grow things from scratch...this would help them as they grow older. Your babies are lovely and I love your stories too.


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