Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The LMUF 3 in pictures

The LMUF 3 has come and passed. I was there on sunday like i said i would be, and it was great fun like i said it would be.

This post would be filled with pictures (about 50 or so), and i'm not even sorry! (buhahahaha!). It's hardly my fault because everywhere looked so organized and lovely, and i met some of my lovely readers and also some fellow bloggers.....so i kept clicking away with my camera.

I'm soooo proud of my self! Why? Well, because i swore not to buy one single item (I tend to over-spend on makeup), and i suceeded.....well, almost suceeded. I sha bought one bottle of Imperial leather body wash. It's totally their fault 'cos their stand looked beautiful and smelled wonderful. That was the only thing i bought....i swear! You guys won't believe that there was a GTB 'Bank on wheels' just outside the door.....maybe so that if the POS at the various stands didn't work, you could just run out and use the 'Bank on wheels'. Chei! Beht i didn't fall prey.....thank goodness!

I went with Bella one of my ex-students......Oh, and Baby Zuri went too!

Bella carrying Zuri

Stella's addiction's stand

Werking her magic

Imperial Leather model

Lape of 'Lape's beautiful creature' blog

Okpa oku....Hot legs

The contestants for the N150,000 beauty hamper

Doyin of 'Chloe's Makeovers'

The look i voted for

The look that won

Yemisi of 'Misykona/N'sure beauty'

Black is truly beaurriful!


With the lovely Omolola of 'POPs Concepts

Announcing the winner

With the funny Tomi

With the lovely Ez of 'Beauty in Lagos'

Questions and answer time....people won goody bags

Gele tutorials

There's going to be another fair in Lagos this December (7th). So if you missed this one, start planning to attend that one.

Besos darls!
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  1. Sobs still cant believe i missed the event,glaring it was well attended.

    1. I missed last year's edition and it broke my heart. Hubby was wondering what the big deal was...Lool! I sha made up for it that december by attending the first edition of the Christmas beauty A'fair. You can attend the second edition in Lagos on the 7th of December.

  2. Lovely, I can see y'all had fun, that 150k beauty bag competition looks are funny o, being creative was the idea right?
    All these goody bags you guys are getting, it's not fair oo, I want! :(

    1. Yes, creativity was the key.
      Attend beauty events na! Lool!

  3. See fine baby, fine Lape and Gorgeous Aunty Chinazor....
    Ez is always beautiful.

  4. Yes I didn't go to d event, but after going through ur coverage,at least I now have an idea of what happend there. I must say that Blushes n' Dimples is so hard working. Beautiful pictures too. Thumb up Zuri.

  5. Is Yemisi of Nsure pregnant? Congrats 2 her.

  6. Yelz, I can c myself, met pretty mummy dindu nd baby zuri,had fun + won goody bag

  7. Yayy,i see myself..it was nice meeting u Chinazo and baby Zuri is all shades of Adorable.


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