Monday, 7 July 2014

B 'n D Makeover | 'Purple love'

Good morning ladies!
For some weird reason, i like Mondays ‘cos to me, it signifies a new beginning….a new start. The past week has been a really busy week for me, in a good way though.

So on Saturday, i received my ‘Purple haze’ lipstick from ‘My makeup cosmetics’, and yesterday i tried it out by pairing it with a complete look which i have now christened ‘Purple love’. That doesn’t mean that i’m a lover of the color purple…..infact, my favorite colors are ‘Yellow’ (‘cos it’s oh so cheery), ‘Green’ (‘cos it’s fresh), and ‘Brown/gold’ (‘cos it’s so warm and natural). What you are supposed to do with this info, only God knows. *huge grin*.

See the pictures…. 


·      Marykay foundations in 607&507
·      Marykay concealer in bronze 1&2
·      Maybelline clear ‘n Smooth all-in-one powder in ‘nutmeg’
·      Sleek contour kit in ‘Dark’
·      Sleek blush-by-3 palette in ‘Pink sprint’

·      Elizabeth Arden eye pencil in ‘Deep brown’ for my brows
·      A gold eyeshadow from my sleek ‘Sunset’ palette
·      A brown eyeshadow from my sleek ‘Paraguaya’ palette
·      A light shimmery eyeshadow from my Estee Lauder palette for my brow bone
·      Jordana fabuliner for my upper lashline
·      Zaron ‘Black velvet’ for my waterlines

·      Zaron lipliner in ‘Prune juice’
·      My makeup lip candy collection in ‘Purple haze’

Anyway, i’ll do a review of the ‘Purple haze’ lipstick in my next post. And in the post after that, i will do a pictorial of ‘Purple love’ 'cos it haff tayed.
Enjoy the rest of your day…


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  1. Fine Gurl, i love the first picture:)
    i'll be waiting for the post after the next post cause it has tayyyyyyyyeeedddd *lol*

  2. Replies
    1. Oh Mai goist! You do? Whenever I do a look I feel isn't all that, i'm always scared of reading the comments. Thanks for liking.....means I did something right after all.

  3. Wow, the lipstick is everything! Please where can i buy?

    1. Errrrrr....a review of the lipstick will be up tomorrow, complete with all the necessary info. Please stay tuned.

      P.S : I like your name.

  4. The look is lovely.I already told u that on bbm.I think u believe a look u do isnt all that because you are too familiar with your features when to other people you look amazeballs.

    1. Shebi? I'm beginning to think so too.

  5. Tres magnifique. I am partial to purple. :)

  6. Its so cool plus purple is my favorite colour...wings it for me

    1. Awww! Thanks Favour, i'm glad you like it.


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