Tuesday, 8 July 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | My makeup cosmetics 'Purple Haze' lipstick.

Hullo dolls!
Like i promised, this is a review of the lipstick i had on in yesterday’s post. It’s called ‘Purple haze’, and it’s by ‘My makeup cosmetics’. They happen to have a lip candy collection, and ‘Purple haze’ is one of them. I saw it while i was browsing their online store for the EOS lipbalm, and it caught my fancy. Even though i’m not a lover of purple (like i glaringly pointed out yesterday), i’m beginning to like purple lipsticks…..first it was Sleek’s ‘Duke’ lipstain, now it’s ‘Purple haze’, next, i have my eyes on M.A.C’s ‘Heroine’.

When i used one of yesterday’s pictures as my blackberry display picture, a lot of ladies pinged to ask about the lipstick, and i promised them that the review would be up today…..so let’s get to it shall we? 

‘Purple haze’ comes in a sleek black tube with a transparent middle so you can see the color of the product inside. It’s purple (duh?) and it has a blue undertone. Now that i think of it, so many lipsticks have blue undertones….but that’s none of my business *in kermit’s voice*.

I like the way it applies (smoothly), it simply glides on easily, and it has a great color pay-off. It's creamy, and i like the fact that there's no shimmer....i don't like shimmery lipsticks, dunno why.

It has a ‘vanilla’ or ‘banana’ ice-cream smell. It’s not over-powering, infact it’s very faint…..you might even have to sniff hard to catch a whiff of it, that’s why i couldn’t tell if it’s vanilla or banana…..it’s  ‘ice-creamy’ though and that’s what matters.

It lasted long enough on my lips, it even survived my puffpuff and zobo snack. Even after i pecked Zuri’s cheek, i still had enough color left on my lips. And when i was tired of it, i tried cleaning it off with baby wipes, and i must say……it wasn’t an easy feat. My lips still had some color after i had wiped it off (It turned pink..lol!)

In conclusion, i had no issues with ‘Purple haze’….none at all, and i will buy other shades from the ‘My makeup candy collection’ just to see if they are as good as ‘Purple haze’. When i do, i will share my findings here of course!


Besos dolls!

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