Thursday, 17 July 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | Sleek Signature face-kit in 'Dawn'

Ok, lemme confess.
I set out doing a smokey look which i had the urge to pair with red lips, and i wanted to use my Sleek Signature face-kit in ‘Dawn’ to create the look because i hadn’t used it ever since i received the products from Sleek Nigeria. So when i got the face-kit out of my box, i realized that i hadn’t even reviewed it yet……. Aaaaand that was exactly how this post turned into a review!

 I duuno why, but whenever i buy a new product, i almost don’t want to use it because it’s always sooo spanking new, soooo neat and soooo clean that i don’t want to ruin its perfection…. Loolz! That was the case with this face-kit. I can't count how many times in the past that i have flipped it open and snapped it shut without touching anything inside it.

The packaging is black, sleek and sturdy. It also has a wide mirror inside the cover. The face-kit contains :
1 medium coverage face powder
3 eye shadows
1 blush
2 lipglosses

That is a black eyeshadow with blue shimmer...i dunno why it looks blue here.

I love the fine texture of the eye shadows, powder and blush. They are really smooth and adequately pigmented. I did the swatches you can see without a primer. Honestly, i love this Face-kit…….why on earth haven’t i been using it since??!!!

The eye shadows are all shimmery, and the black eyeshadow in the kit was what i used to do this smokey look. It was soooo easy to blend and it has blue shimmer in it. Normally, i like my smokey eyes to have a bit of color to it, that’s why i usually use a bright color underneath and then pack on the black on top just so the eyes won't be plain black. But with this black eyeshadow in the ‘Dawn’ face-kit, i didn’t need any color underneath… was just right for me.

The lip glosses applied really smoothly, and they are not sticky in that annoying way that is common with most lip glosses. It contains a red and a nude gloss.

I can totally use the blush in the kit as an eyeshadow. It’s really gorgeous and shimmery. Even the powder is shimmery….and so is the nude lip gloss. The only product in this kit that has no shimmer is the red lip gloss

Smoked out using the black eyeshadow in the kit

Sleek Signature’s face-kit in ‘Dawn’ is one of those few products i have no grouches for..none at all. And i'll be doing more looks with it.

PRICE : N1,500
WHERE TO BUY : Any Sleek Studio outlet around you.

Oh, and Zuri says "hi"

Besos dears!

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  1. is that ur baby, he's cute. Do u know d location of any sleek outlet in abeokuta. I don't know of any

    1. Zuri is a girl ooooo!
      No, I don't know any sleek store in Abeokuta.

  2. Halima,go borne ur own ,lolZzzz.....nice post

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