Sunday, 31 August 2014

Office looks #03

Hullo Dolls…..
How’s your Sunday going?
Who says you can't wear a soft smokey look to the office? You totally can! *note that i said ‘soft’ not ‘intense’*. I was going for a soft smoked out look, so i used a dark brown eyeshadow to create the 3rd look in the series.

But before i share the look with you all, i have something else to gush about……i finally watched the movie ‘Half of a yellow sun’ last night! Chei…chei….chei! I don’t know how to start describing the awesomeness of this movie! I have read the book twice in the past, and now after watching it last night, i’m totally going to start reading it again tomorrow *big grin*.
In my humble opinion, the movie cast fit the characters in the novel like a glove… in, the people they chose to portray the characters on screen looked and acted just the way i pictured them in my head while reading the book. Now, i’m going to be careful not to spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it by revealing too much, but just know that it’s a great movie with superb acting. The scenes played out beautifully, and it was oh so real! Made me imagine how terrible the war must have been *may our eyes never see war ooo!*. If you haven’t watched the movie, please go and watch it inugo (you hear?).
Now, on to the matter of the day…Office look #03…..

Saturday, 30 August 2014

B 'n D Makeover | Amanda and Onyinye

Hello Dolls......
Amanda and Onyinye had a wedding to attend today, so i went over and did their makeup.
This morning when i woke up, i was all giggles ‘n sunshine, but right now, i'm just knackered ‘n famished… pardon me for not typing much.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Gist | AMUF4 in pictures.

Well, hello again beauties…..
How are you all doing? Hope good.
As for me, Mish just scared me shitless! I turned on my laptop just now to do a post, and what greeted me was a blue and white screen with black zig-zag lines and what looked like an ink stain on the screen. It occurred to me that my laptop fell down and resulted to that, but i wasn’t quite sure. With my heart pounding frantically, i asked around, and Dindu told me that Mish sat on it. Say what?!! Sat on my laptop?!! WHY?! HOW?! WHEN?! WHY?!.

My innocent lappy was just sitting jejely on my vanity table, why on earth did she go thereeee? The first thought that came to my mind was that my blogging career was oveeeer! *Horrors!* Ok, maybe not that, but i was wondering how to get it fixed and how long it would take…..of course, that would have meant no blogging for a long while *God forbid bad thing!*. I took out the battery and put it back in but the coloured screen was still there.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Make some nooooooise! We have a winner! Boooy…giveaways are fun!
Without much ado, i’ll just announce the winner….
*Drum rolls*
Aaaaand the 8th person to comment and hereby crowned winner issssssss…… *clears throat* *She didn’t include her name…thank heavens there was an email address attached to her comment* Congrats girl! 

Thanks to everyone that participated, and thanks to all the readers of this blog……y’all are awesome! If not for you ladies clicking and reading my blog, i would not have made it this far. I appreciate each and everyone of you…….gracias muchos!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Hallos beauties!
So a few days ago, our blog hit 400,000 pageviews and i thought i should celebrate that with a give-away…..whoop-whoop!!!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Office looks #02

Good evening.
How’s it going? Hope everyone is good. Well, over here, we are doing okay.
Zuriel *A.K.A Rainbow* is doing great! She’s 4 months old now *Can you believe it?!* and she’s turned into a hyper baby *dabs tears*. Gone are those days when she used to be a calm baby and slept almost through the day. Now when i look at her, i’m like “Who are you and what did you do my baby?!”. She's become very active, always rolling over to lie on her belly, and when she stays in that position for about 1 minute, she gets tired and starts yelling ‘cos she can’t turn herself to lie on her back *she hasn’t learned how to do that yet*, then when i help her turn to lie on her back, she flips herself over immediately. We do this uncountable times, then she starts fighting to collect whatever it is that i’m holding.  Now, i can’t press my phone in peace without chubby hands, slick, shiny and wet with baby spittle grabbing it from me…..sometimes, she knocks it right out of my hand! *dabs more tears*. At night nko? This babe will wake up sometimes and want to play! We’re talking 3am or 3:30am here ooo! Well, she makes up for everything with her toothless grins and cute laughter.

Anyway, This is the second look in the ‘Office looks’ series, and for this look, i went with bronze eyes and brown and white ‘ombre’ lips.

I used a bronze-colored eyeshadow all over my lids, and contoured the outer corners of my eyes with a dark brown shade with a matte texture.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

BETTER LIVING | When God is involved.

Good evening dears, how’s your Sunday going?

Today, i want to share some tips with you, tips that would help you live better.
When i started the ‘Better-living’ segments, i did it because i usually get some inspiration that i yearn to share with scores of people…….and what better way is there to share than by using this platform of mine? So today, i’ll let you know why it’s important that you get God involved in EVERYTHING you do.

I cannot over-emphasize the fact that God is my everything. I involve Him in my big decisions as well as my little decisions. Infact, if anything, God wants to be involved more in your little decisions than in your big decisions. I learnt that a while ago from a pastor friend of mine (PD).  Here’s what he said :

Friday, 22 August 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | 'Calla' lip gloss by BM|Pro

Hello beauties…..
Today, i woke up to wonderful news……. I won a giveaway competition!! Whoop-whoop!
Just yesterday, i visited Buki's blog, and saw that there was an on-going giveaway competition, she was celebrating her 3 months ‘Blogniversary’, and the 10th person to comment was supposed to be the winner.  So i
 typed and posted my comment. Since comment moderation was enabled, we couldn’t tell who won right away.
So this morning, i woke up to a notification that i had won the giveaway…….my joy knew no bounds especially as i’ve never won anything in my life. The prize was N2,000 airtime for any mobile network, but once i gleefully told Buki that i had  never won anything in my life..…ever, she upped it to N3,000! Imagine that?! Three thaaaaasand naira credit (like my Igbo brothers will say)! I was elated mehn! Thanks again Buki for being so kind-hearted. God bless you.

Today, i’ll be reviewing a product i bought months ago at the ‘Wed EXPO’. It’s a lip gloss by BM|Pro.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

B 'n D Makeover | Jennifer's birthday makeover

Two days ago, i met Jennifer at the store and she told me that she had a birthday coming up. I asked her to come to the studio for a free makeover (my gift to her), and today, she came for her beautiful birthday ‘face beat’. She had no particular look in mind and just asked me to do a nice look for her, so i decided to go with my favorite look……. Le smokey , la hot! Hotting like faya!!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Tips on how to wear office makeup | Office looks #01

Hello beautiful people!
How’s it going?
I promised some posts ago that i would share some office looks with you…..but before i do that, let me share some tips for wearing office makeup .  I realized that some of my readers are probably nine –to-fivers, and have no idea what kind of makeup they ought to wear to the office. I’m sick of seeing ladies at the bank or other offices wearing loud red or pink blush, blue or green eyeshadow that looks like they just swiped it on with a finger and didn’t bother to blend it out, or shiny shiny shiny lips! I haff tired of it! So today, i wanna educate you a ‘lil……….

Monday, 11 August 2014

B 'n D Makeover | Ft. Aisha

I did a new look on Aisha a couple of days ago, it’s not a wearable look though….. i was just playing with colors. All i know is that it’s bright and colorful.
Like i mentioned before, when you work on Aisha’s face, you would like to try all sorts of looks on her. So this is what i did……

I used a ‘lil gold glitter in the middle of the lids.

Khuraira Musa will be at the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference!!!

A celebrity makeup artist and airbrush makeup expert for over twenty years, Khuraira Musa has distinguished herself as one of the top makeup educators in the world. Khuraira is the founder of Khuraira cosmetics, one the world’s most advanced makeup lines for corrective solutions and anti-aging.

Khuraira will be heading the talks at the Beauty Africa 2014's workshops and live demonstrations from 7-9 October 2014 at Eko International Convention & Exhibition Center, Lagos, Nigeria. This brand new event is free-to-attend and is a unique mix of business networking and trade opportunities along with high quality workshops and talks designed to assist in building the African capacity in the sector by discussing the hottest topics, trends and innovations within beauty, hair care and skincare & spa and wellness.

"I am very honored and excited to be part of Beauty Africa event because it is a perfect platform to fulfill my purpose of Empowering, Inspiring and Educating women about beauty," says Khuraira.

We are excited to get the chance to hear her speak! To book your place at her workshop simply register online  here!

Besos Chicas!

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Saturday, 9 August 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | 'FRK' eyeshadow palette by TARA

Product review…..yaaaaaaay!
I love to use and review products sha. This time, i’ll be reviewing one of the products in the goody bag i got from TARA cosmetics. Meanwhile, these are the products in the bag…….An eyeshadow palette, a lipstick and a bronzer.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Zainab's editorial look

Hullo ladies…….
So who bathed with warm water and salt this early morning? (I laugh in Spanish). I woke up this early mor-mor to a barrage of blackberry broadcast messages, advising and urging me to bathe with warm water and salt before 6am as doing so would shield me from getting that sickness which should not be named. On getting them, the first thought that came to my mind was ‘Nigerians are a peculiar people…so gullible too!’. Some of the messages said that Adeboye instructed us to do it, some insisted that it was TB Joshua, while others guessed that it was Fr. Mbaka.
So did i do it? Igasikwa! The inconsistency of the messages made me dismiss it as a hoax. It still beats me how someone will just lie on his/her bed, type up some gibberish and start up a rumor.

But that’s not why we are here……

Zainab is currently a ‘Blushes ‘n Dimples’ makeup school student….she’s been training for almost 3 weeks now, and she has about 4 weeks left. Why is this news? Soon, thou shall know why.
Today, i showed her how to do an editorial look for the first time, and i asked her to ‘conjour’ up her own creative look, and this was what she came up with .......
She's learning to pay attention to details, and she's doing a great job at it.

Are you as impressed as i still am? I’m blessed with wonderful students! They are either extremely smart or i'm a really great teacher *chuckles*.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The 'Giveaway' training sessions in pictures

Good evening lovelies!
So yesterday and today, Halima (one of the last giveaway winners) came by for the 2-day training sessions she won. For some reason, the other two winners did not show up at all. Anyway, Halima did come (bless her), and she brought 2 beautiful models with her….one on each day. On the first day, she brought Bunmi, and today, she brought her lovely sister Hauwa.

Prior to this training session, Halima knew just a little about makeup, and she didn’t know how to tie gele at all, but at the end of today’s training, her gele-tying skills were impressive, and she did a great job at her makeup application.

Let’s get to the pictures shall we? (plenty pictures by the way)


Working on Bunmi's face

Monday, 4 August 2014

'Genevieve' lipstain Launch in pictures


The people at 'House of Tara' are just amazing! So i got another invite to the launch of the 'Genevieve' lipstain, made by TARA cosmetics for Genevieve magazine/Genevieve pink ball. The proceeds from the sale of the lipstain would go to cancer research, and it's a limited edition.

The pink ball is usually organized by Genevieve magazine for the cause of breast cancer awareness and prevention campaign. Yesterday was the launch party at Centro mall, Lekki, and it was fun.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

B 'n D Makeover | 'Mellow' Ft. Aisha

Hey dears.....

If you are a makeup artist, you would understand this….there is this one face that you come across, and working on it is such a joy. Each feature makes the face so easy to work with, and the end result is just lovely. Aisha’s face is just like that, her features are so beautiful that you would just want to create look after look after look.

 So after the last 'Orangey' look i did on her, i just had to do a mild look and then a smokey look too. The mild look is what i will be sharing with you today….

Friday, 1 August 2014

House of Tara 'Colourburst' champagne brunch in pictures

Good evening…..
Hope you are all doing good?

So the wonderful people at ‘House of Tara’ invited me to a delightful champagne brunch yesterday at the Orchard Bistro, Lekki. The Brunch was held in honor of the ‘Colour burst’ campaign by TARA. ‘Colourburst’ is a visual campaign that celebrates the variety and versatility of the TARA product line. In the campaign video, we viewed four beautiful looks that were created using vibrant hues….each look represented a different personality and style of makeup.

Wherever mummy goes, Zuri goes

Me, Zuri and my 'hair'