Sunday, 24 August 2014

BETTER LIVING | When God is involved.

Good evening dears, how’s your Sunday going?

Today, i want to share some tips with you, tips that would help you live better.
When i started the ‘Better-living’ segments, i did it because i usually get some inspiration that i yearn to share with scores of people…….and what better way is there to share than by using this platform of mine? So today, i’ll let you know why it’s important that you get God involved in EVERYTHING you do.

I cannot over-emphasize the fact that God is my everything. I involve Him in my big decisions as well as my little decisions. Infact, if anything, God wants to be involved more in your little decisions than in your big decisions. I learnt that a while ago from a pastor friend of mine (PD).  Here’s what he said :
“”Most of us reserve the big decisions in our lives to God. He said to me “Demola, i don’t want to be involved in the big decisions of your life alone. Don’t come to me with decisions like ‘I want to get married, i want to change jobs, etc’”. He said “I want to be involved in the day-to-day small decisions of your life, i want to be involved up to the point of the clothes you put on each day, your choice of food, etc”. He said to me that when He gets involved with the small decisions, there will be nothing like big decisions because He would have orchestrated my day-to-day life so that i will know the path to follow””
Personally, i agree with this school of thought 100% because it means that when you involve God in the minute things, He would have guided you every step of the way, and your life ends up running smoothly and perfectly, and so there will be no big decisions (You get this right?)
Also, when God is involved in something you are doing, things just fall into place at the right time and seems somewhat effortless. People start to congratulate you and tell you what a success you are, and you are just there thinking “Me? What did i do?!”
This is exactly the case with me and this my ‘lil blog right here. When i started this blog, i started it with God. Up till now, before i start typing up every post, i saw a ‘lil prayer putting Him first and asking Him to let the words come to me. And so, even though it amazes me to no end how much this blog has grown, in the inner-most corner of my heart, i know exactly who to attribute my success to. If i had not involved Him at all, my blog would have been unknown and ordinary (i’m absolutely certain of that). Remember how we were nominated for the award of the ‘Best beauty blog’ on the NBA (Nigerian blog awards) last year? We were barely a year old then! Who do you think did that? Me? I didn’t even do anything!! All the recognition, accolades and invites i’ve received because of my blog was because i made that very important decision of getting HIM involved every tiny step of the way.
When God is involved, everything falls into place. You need to make that decision today……get HIM involved in everything that concerns your life, and your life would never be the same again.
I bless God for His word.

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  1. I feel you my sister, it all starts with God, continues with God and gets better with God. Bigger you I pray.

  2. I'm blessed by this.
    Thank You Jesus


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