Thursday, 28 August 2014

Gist | AMUF4 in pictures.

Well, hello again beauties…..
How are you all doing? Hope good.
As for me, Mish just scared me shitless! I turned on my laptop just now to do a post, and what greeted me was a blue and white screen with black zig-zag lines and what looked like an ink stain on the screen. It occurred to me that my laptop fell down and resulted to that, but i wasn’t quite sure. With my heart pounding frantically, i asked around, and Dindu told me that Mish sat on it. Say what?!! Sat on my laptop?!! WHY?! HOW?! WHEN?! WHY?!.

My innocent lappy was just sitting jejely on my vanity table, why on earth did she go thereeee? The first thought that came to my mind was that my blogging career was oveeeer! *Horrors!* Ok, maybe not that, but i was wondering how to get it fixed and how long it would take…..of course, that would have meant no blogging for a long while *God forbid bad thing!*. I took out the battery and put it back in but the coloured screen was still there.
Suddenly, it occurred to me that if it was pressure from Mish’s bumbum that affected the screen, i could also try pressing the screen with my palms too…..i wasn’t sure that it would work, but it was worth a shot. So i placed my palms behind the screen (lappy cover) and on the screen and pressed hard…..and guess what? IT WORKED!!! I could see text, i could see pictures, i could see my home screen *Oh joy!*.
That girl!! When she comes back upstairs after their tutoring session, i would give her a serious warning and i hope she’ll listen. Warnings and threats don’t scare her so much…..the only thing she fears in this world is hair extensions/attachment. She hates seeing strands of hair, it freaks her out *That’s why she hates plaiting her hair*. The only thing that makes her cry when plaiting her hair is not the pain or discomfort, but the strands of hair touching her body.  Maybe i’ll place a bunch of hair on my laptop permanently….that will do it! And i’ll place some in my makeup box too ‘cos she goes there everytime looking for lipsticks.
In other news, Cold stone creamery and Dominos pizzeria are now in festac! *and booooy am i in trouble!* I was overjoyed at first when they came in, but within a week of their opening, they’ve done serious damage to my pocket and my hips, and now i’m begging them to come and start going. They should pack their load and go faaar faaar away!
Come to think of it, everything is now coming to Festac. House of Tara studio, Shoprite, Chicken republic, Coldstone and dominoes, Zaron cosmetics & My makeup cosmetics. It’s remaining Casabella, Sleek and BM|Pro stores. If people from these makeup companies i just mentioned are reading this, we need you in Festac ooooo! So hurry up and come.

Abuja makeup fair has come and gone, If you attended, i hope you had fun. Here are some pictures i got from Chioma of 'Topnotch Makeovers'

Fine geh no pimpoos!


Looks like it was fun as usual! I can't wait for the 2nd Christmas beauty A'fair coming this December. Start planning to attend ooooo!
In the meantime, Remember the Beauty Africa Exhibition? The date hasn't's still 7th - 9th October. Click here to register.
Alrighty dears…..see you tomorrow!

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  1. Thank God our blog career didn't end oh, where will I go to get tips? Kids though, happened to me to but in my case it was my phone screen, I cried!.
    Lovely pictures as usual.

  2. Great images! Beautiful ladies. Love the makeup and hairstyles. :)

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  4. Omg!! I can see masef in d last pic though it's rily tiny and can barely make out my form bt still I'm excited I appeared on this blog!!! Yipppppy!!!!


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