Friday, 1 August 2014

House of Tara 'Colourburst' champagne brunch in pictures

Good evening…..
Hope you are all doing good?

So the wonderful people at ‘House of Tara’ invited me to a delightful champagne brunch yesterday at the Orchard Bistro, Lekki. The Brunch was held in honor of the ‘Colour burst’ campaign by TARA. ‘Colourburst’ is a visual campaign that celebrates the variety and versatility of the TARA product line. In the campaign video, we viewed four beautiful looks that were created using vibrant hues….each look represented a different personality and style of makeup.

Wherever mummy goes, Zuri goes

Me, Zuri and my 'hair'

Beautiful Ada 'informing' us


Zuri and Aunty Sisiyemmie

This my hair is just provoking me

Kayla of 'Cool fm' &Sisi

I couldn't resist!

It was a lovely gathering of beautiful ladies, and it was fun too!
Please be safe and wash / sanitize your hands always.

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  1. Nice pictures, Baby Zuri is an Orobo baby o, I like chubby babies.
    Ur wig you mean? Lol.
    So what did u guys review?

    1. Nne, believe me, that thing is sewn onto my head. It was a 'pixie cut' gone horribly wrong! It's painting me 'cos I sat down for hours making it, and it cost me 4k, but right now, i'm taking it off 'cos no one else must catch me with this 'cap' on my head.

      We were given Lovely Tara goodies, review is coming up soon.

  2. Lol, it's not bad at all,it's not bad, it fits you, especially in that pic where you were looking down and Smiling at Zuri, I wouldn't have pointed the "wig" part out if not that u kept saying hair in quotes .
    Goody bags again :(. I want to be a beauty blogger!

  3. Hope you had fun,it sure looks. It. Zuri is soo cute and chubby! I love her

  4. iya zuri,ure so funny ΐ swear down..hahahahahaahah...d hair fits U̶̲̥̅̊..

  5. iya zuri,ure so funny ΐ swear down..hahahahahaahah...d hair fits U̶̲̥̅̊..


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