Monday, 25 August 2014

Office looks #02

Good evening.
How’s it going? Hope everyone is good. Well, over here, we are doing okay.
Zuriel *A.K.A Rainbow* is doing great! She’s 4 months old now *Can you believe it?!* and she’s turned into a hyper baby *dabs tears*. Gone are those days when she used to be a calm baby and slept almost through the day. Now when i look at her, i’m like “Who are you and what did you do my baby?!”. She's become very active, always rolling over to lie on her belly, and when she stays in that position for about 1 minute, she gets tired and starts yelling ‘cos she can’t turn herself to lie on her back *she hasn’t learned how to do that yet*, then when i help her turn to lie on her back, she flips herself over immediately. We do this uncountable times, then she starts fighting to collect whatever it is that i’m holding.  Now, i can’t press my phone in peace without chubby hands, slick, shiny and wet with baby spittle grabbing it from me…..sometimes, she knocks it right out of my hand! *dabs more tears*. At night nko? This babe will wake up sometimes and want to play! We’re talking 3am or 3:30am here ooo! Well, she makes up for everything with her toothless grins and cute laughter.

Anyway, This is the second look in the ‘Office looks’ series, and for this look, i went with bronze eyes and brown and white ‘ombre’ lips.

I used a bronze-colored eyeshadow all over my lids, and contoured the outer corners of my eyes with a dark brown shade with a matte texture.

Then i applied 3 mascara coats on my lashes to make them fuller, darker and longer *‘cos i didn’t fix falsies for the look…how many people fix strip lashes every morning kwanu?*. I used my Maybelline colossal mascara ….believe me, this mascara is good! Love it! Thankfully, there’s now a ‘Tara’ store in festac, so when this tube finishes, i’ll just drive down there and buy another one.

Next, i lined my upper lash-line with my M.A.C  ‘Black-track’ eyeliner, and i lined my upper and lower water-lines with my Zaron eyeliner in ‘Black velvet’.

For my lips, this is what i did * Errrrr, pay attention, this gets somehow complicated*  i lined my lips with my Jordana lipliner pencil in ‘Hot cocoa’, then i filled in the outer part of my lips with my brown ‘Flormar’ lipstick. Next, i used my NYX jumbo pencil in ‘Milk’ in the inner part of my lips and then  blended the white into the brown until the white was not so white anymore. Finally, i used a clear lip gloss over the brown part, and i used my BM|Pro ‘Calla’ lipgloss over the white part *That’s it….i hope it was clear to you*.

Then i applied my Maykay foundation in 607 &507, dusted my Office powder on top *yuuup, there’s a brand named ‘Office’*, and then applied my Black radiance blush in ‘Soft honey’ on the apples of my cheeks, and viola! Done!

Now, this is a nice look to wear to the office, and it’s perfect for school-runs and casual outings too. In other news, i finally bought a copy of ‘Half of a yellow sun’ *The movie* and i can't wait to watch it.
Have a good night…….
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  1. Awwwn...Beautiful look. Lol, Zuriel is an interesting baby...*grin*

  2. Love this look, quite bridal too


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