Sunday, 31 August 2014

Office looks #03

Hullo Dolls…..
How’s your Sunday going?
Who says you can't wear a soft smokey look to the office? You totally can! *note that i said ‘soft’ not ‘intense’*. I was going for a soft smoked out look, so i used a dark brown eyeshadow to create the 3rd look in the series.

But before i share the look with you all, i have something else to gush about……i finally watched the movie ‘Half of a yellow sun’ last night! Chei…chei….chei! I don’t know how to start describing the awesomeness of this movie! I have read the book twice in the past, and now after watching it last night, i’m totally going to start reading it again tomorrow *big grin*.
In my humble opinion, the movie cast fit the characters in the novel like a glove… in, the people they chose to portray the characters on screen looked and acted just the way i pictured them in my head while reading the book. Now, i’m going to be careful not to spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it by revealing too much, but just know that it’s a great movie with superb acting. The scenes played out beautifully, and it was oh so real! Made me imagine how terrible the war must have been *may our eyes never see war ooo!*. If you haven’t watched the movie, please go and watch it inugo (you hear?).
Now, on to the matter of the day…Office look #03…..

I smoked out a brown eyeshadow on my eyelids and contoured the outer corner with a black. Then i applied my M.A.C gel eyeliner in ‘Black track’ on my upper lashline. I lined my water lines with my Zaron ‘Black velvet’ eyeliner.

I combed out my lashes with my Maybelline colossal mascara (3 coats did the job).

For my lips, i lined with fussy fushia lip liner by Zaron, then i applied my MaryKay lip gloss in ‘Fancy Nancy’ all over my lips.

My base makeup was MaryKay foundation in Bronze 607 mixed with a ‘lil 507 and Maybelline clear & smooth all-in-one powder in ‘Nutmeg’. Then i finished up with Black radiance blush in ‘Spiced ginger’.

There you have it! You can comfortably wear this look to work, and please remember to blend well. Only by blending thoroughly can you achieve a flawless and neat look.
Enjoy the rest of your day…..

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  1. Lovely look, can you please shed more light on the blending thing, I just apply my make up and try to even it out, is that blending?

    1. Yes. Blending is when you try to make sure that everything blends into each other. You apply eyeshadow and blend it into ur crease so that there are no visible harsh lines of demarcartion. You apply lip liner pencil and blend it into ur lips before applying lipstick. You apply foundation and blend well into your skin so that it doesn't look like there are patches and blotches. You apply your blush and blend it well into the powder you have already applied....... So yes, blending is when you try to even out whatever you have applied.

  2. Lovely. Your eyebrows are perf!

  3. I say yes to a soft smokey look to the office.... just perfect.!

  4. D 1st picture is everything. oh my dat smile


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