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PRODUCT REVIEW | 'FRK' eyeshadow palette by TARA

Product review…..yaaaaaaay!
I love to use and review products sha. This time, i’ll be reviewing one of the products in the goody bag i got from TARA cosmetics. Meanwhile, these are the products in the bag…….An eyeshadow palette, a lipstick and a bronzer.


This palette is called ‘FRK’ (Fumilayo Ransome-Kuti) and it was used to create the look called ‘Summer’ in the colourburst campaign. It’s a 12-color palette made up of two matte textures and 10 shimmery/metallic textures. I was elated when i saw the brown shade in the palette ‘cos i’m running out of browns which i normally use to contour the outer corners of the eyes. The other shades look so pretty, and by just looking at the palette, i have painted so many looks in my mind……the possibilities are endless! Sometimes, i just open the palette and stare at it for some minutes……combining colors and conjouring looks.

A closer look

But what is a review without swatches? I swatched every color in the palette, and i have this to say…….This palette would do very well with a primer. First of all, i swatched without a primer, but the colours were coming out faint, so i used a primer and they popped! By the way, guess which primer i used? TARA’s! It’s the best primer i’ve ever used, and i’m sure a lot of you using it currently can attest to that fact. I did a review of it here last year.
LEFT : Swatched without a primer| RIGHT : Swatched with a primer

LEFT : Swatched without a primer | Right : Swatched with a primer

See the difference between the swatches? Told ya!

Also, in this eyeshadow palette, there are two little black sponge-tip applicators. I never throw these away….they come in really handy when i’m working with shimmery and especially metallic textures of eyeshadow. They help minimize eyeshadow fallouts and make blending easier (for me ooooo! I don’t know what works best for you).
Before they rebranded their products TARA eyeshadow palettes used to be silver…….now it’s black and it  makes it look a lot like Sleek eyeshadow palettes. Well, i like this black one a lot better, but i wish the brand name was printed in orange not white/silver.
I can't wait to play with these colours…….they’re really beautiful, especially the four in the middle……infact, i can't choose! *covers face*

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