Thursday, 7 August 2014

The 'Giveaway' training sessions in pictures

Good evening lovelies!
So yesterday and today, Halima (one of the last giveaway winners) came by for the 2-day training sessions she won. For some reason, the other two winners did not show up at all. Anyway, Halima did come (bless her), and she brought 2 beautiful models with her….one on each day. On the first day, she brought Bunmi, and today, she brought her lovely sister Hauwa.

Prior to this training session, Halima knew just a little about makeup, and she didn’t know how to tie gele at all, but at the end of today’s training, her gele-tying skills were impressive, and she did a great job at her makeup application.

Let’s get to the pictures shall we? (plenty pictures by the way)


Working on Bunmi's face


Her gele at the end of day 1


Her lovely sister Hauwa

She did a smokey look on Hauwa's face

Adding a pop of color in the inner corners

Applying foundation

Finished look


Finishing up

I was sooooo proud!

Just look at!

It was nice having Halima over for the training, and i’m looking forward to having another of such a giveaway. I’m contemplating having one winner each time instead of three…..abi what do you ladies think?
Have a good night…….


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  1. Awwwww good job! particularly impressed with the makeup I mean 2 days you say?? Good Job Halima!..both looks were beautiful but as am team smokey look anyday infact everyday lol.. so ild want to choose the second look.. Congrats to Halima you've learned a skill you can now develop more and of course its your's for life..Thanks to BND as well xx

  2. Oh my Your a great teacher>>>she did a great job on her sister, and her sister is really beautiful/// Just leave it at three ladies and if they don't show up then pick more from the list

  3. Good job, I missed ooooo

  4. A big thank you to dis amazing woman, she is a grt teacher and such an inspiration.....mind u guyz she looks even more beautiful without makeup

  5. I really like this! Keep it up ma'am!

  6. I really like this! Keep it up ma'am!

  7. Ds is a new follower..of ds blog

  8. Awwww. Halima you did an amazing job. Thumbs up. Thanks Chi. You have such a good heart. Keep it up ma


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