Saturday, 16 August 2014

Tips on how to wear office makeup | Office looks #01

Hello beautiful people!
How’s it going?
I promised some posts ago that i would share some office looks with you…..but before i do that, let me share some tips for wearing office makeup .  I realized that some of my readers are probably nine –to-fivers, and have no idea what kind of makeup they ought to wear to the office. I’m sick of seeing ladies at the bank or other offices wearing loud red or pink blush, blue or green eyeshadow that looks like they just swiped it on with a finger and didn’t bother to blend it out, or shiny shiny shiny lips! I haff tired of it! So today, i wanna educate you a ‘lil……….

·      Office makeup should be understated, it should be classy. You should never let your makeup over-shadow you…..don’t do loud eyes, loud lips and excess blush…..goodness no! It’s important to look polished and professional at work.

·      For your eyes, use eyeshadow colors like bronze, brown, or a gold that is close to your skin-tone. They can be shimmery, metallic or matte.…Glitters are a no-no! Your eyes are the main point of contact at the office, so you should make them mildly attractive by going natural.
·      Use black eyeliner in your water-lines to brighten up the whites of your eyes, use mascara to lengthen and volumize your lashes.

·      For your blush,  go for natural colors…please don’t do bright red or pink. Be sure not to overdo it, you don’t want to be labeled ‘Bobo the clown’ at your office and hurt everyone else’s eyes.

·      When it comes to lip colors, you can go nude, pink or red (not siren red or neon pink ooo! I nor send you that one, i mean deep red tones and mild pinkish or peach tones). And biko don’t do purple lips….na beg i dey beg. Try to avoid shiny lips when doing your office makeup, it tends to be distracting, so go easy on the lipgloss. Infact it would be better if your lips are matte, but if you can't stand matte lips, then you can get away with lipsticks that have some sheen to them. Your nude, pink or red lipstick should be mild and not over-done.

So i hope my tips helped. I’m going to show you more ‘office looks’ in the future so that if you have no idea what look to wear to work, you can just copy any of them. Glad to be of help…..that’s why i’m here.

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  1. I love dis makeup. Abeg what brow pencil did u use?ur brows are so natural n nice.

    1. Thank you! I used Tara's eyebrow pencil in 'Dark brown'

  2. Madam blushes, okay ooo. It's time I demand make up tips for lovely mothers that do school runs in d day time because some I see do look like ojuju sometimes and Ehen for wifey's that stay home too, you never know when these aproko visitors come. Nice job dear.

    1. Lool @ Ojuju.
      These office looks can also be used for school runs too. Smokey eyes and mild/ nude lips can be used also.
      Then for stay- at - home wives, just light makeup would do. You can even do it without foundation. I don't apply makeup at home ooo!

      Anyway, Henceforth, when I do looks on my face, i'll mention where you can go with it.

  3. Thank u B n D I learn a lot from u.

  4. Thanks Chi. I love this look. Nice

  5. The simplicity of this is beautiful

  6. Ahhh, so you see all them office girls, especially the ones at customer service in banks with their rainbow makeup, so distracting. You can't be wearing green or blue eyeshadow to the office, it's not a carnival na.

    This is a nice post, you look very lovely too..

  7. I need an advice my face is extremely dry wat foundation n loose powder will u recommend

    1. First of all, I hope you don't use your body soap to wash your face.....if you do, pls stop 'cos it also attributes to dry skin, and if your skin is already dry, it makes it worse. Before applying your base makeup, always moisturizes using an oil-based moisturizer. Then use your normal foundation and powder.

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