Wednesday, 3 September 2014

B 'n D Makeover | Ft. Miebi

Good evening!
Ladies, meet beautiful Miebi of ‘Ella Makeovers’ Port-harcourt, one of my very loyal readers and a friend. Miebi added me up on BBM a long time ago, and we’ve been chatting since then. Even when i was pregnant and had insomnia, she was my midnight chat-buddy *lool!*.
Sometime ago, she told me that she was coming to Lagos, and then few days ago, she pinged me telling me that she was here and that she would like to come by my place today.
She did come, and it was lovely to finally meet her in person. Miebi is a warm, lovely and very homely person. She's very hardworking, industrious and wise beyond her years too! I weaned all that from the 4 hours we spent together chatting *i have a degree in psychology…..winks*, and at the end of her visit, she asked for a makeover and i obliged.

We should have taken a picture together, but i didn't want to look like a 'fillage' woman beside her.

I look forward to seeing her again at the Beauty Africa conference *by God’s special grace*.

By the way, you can register to attend the event here.
Laters babes……

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  1. your eyebrow skills are on point.

  2. Lovely. I like it when we meet good people online and they turn out just so offline. :) Lovely makeup.

  3. She's beautiful, love her makeup.

  4. Aww....that was so fast, Thanks for having me, it was awesome. Looking forward to seeing you too...and more PEP shoping.

  5. Woooooooooowww. Lovely work!

  6. She's a blogger too right? Lovely makeover, she's my colour :)

  7. Thanks ladies!

    Yes Nuvi, she's a blogger too.


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