Sunday, 7 September 2014

B 'n D Makeover | Ft. Vivi

Hello ladies.....

Vivi is family, and she came by the studio yesterday on her way to a wedding for a quick makeover

She said she wanted a simple look. When i used that lipstick on her lips, she made me blot it off till it was almost faded, then she asked for lipgloss on top of it. Even at that, she still thought that the lip color was too much *side eyes her*

And then when it was time for eyeliner in her waterlines, it was 'agha' (war).....choi! At a point, she said she would not come to my studio again..... *loool!*

Do have a lovely sunday.


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  1. Her smile is lovely. d makeup

  2. If this is her lips after you blotted then I'm with her on this, I'm wondering her Much colour would have been there. I'm scared of bold lip colour.
    Beautiful look altogether.

    1. Looool! I blotted like trice ooooo! But the lipstick has great color payoff, so blotting didnt make any sha made her feel better that I was doing something.

      But funny enoff, it's those of you that have the perfect lip shape and complexion for bold lip colors that are usually scared of rocking them.

  3. You're so ooo ver good! Nice work

  4. Happy birthday oh.....Llnp 2 u,You shall live to fulfill destiny.Ds is for sept8.

  5. You are doing a good job.keep it up

  6. You are doing a good job.keep it up


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