Saturday, 20 September 2014

Office looks #05

I can't believe September is just about to end *sad face*, my best month of the year….of course you know why.
So, i’ve decided to start speaking igbo to my kids at home *again* ‘cos i really want them to learn their mother-tongue. I said ‘again’ because i’ve tried it several times, and somehow i just give up because i always feel like they don’t understand me. So each time i start, i speak it to them for a few days and then i switch to English. And that witty ‘lil Mish is always like …….
“What did you say?”
“What is that?”
“Mummy speak what i would hear joooor!”.
It’s not like they don’t understand igbo at all…… sometimes they actually do, and sometimes they even try to repeat sentences after me, but i want them to be better. I’m really grateful to my parents for making it mandatory that we spoke only igbo at home when we were little shidrens……it helped us a lot. Of course we started with english at first, and then they passed the law at home, so we spoke igbo till we became soooo fluent at it.

I’m from Awka, and i speak our dialect veeeery well. Infact, when i speak igbo outside, people can immediately tell that i’m an Awka indigene. My dad also imbibed the culture of reading igbo into us all…… i and my siblings read igbo so well! He made us read verses from the igbo bible every morning. I really didn’t get what the big deal was then, but i do now. I really want my kids to be able to speak their language, so i’ve decided to speak it persistently to them at home whether they understand it or not.

One reason why i love the yourbas is that they don’t joke with their language. Yesterday, i got my hair done *Ghana weaving again*. I didn’t want to go spend hours at Agboju market, so i called for home service. The nice yourba lady came over with her cute ‘lil daughter, and i noticed that she spoke only Yoruba to her, and even more impressive was the fact that the ‘lil girl could speak the language too…..and she's only 2!! Her mum said she never speaks English to her at home, and she encouraged me to stop with the English too. Her argument was that they go to school, so they can speak all the English they want there. Hmnnnnnnnnn! She also told me that she knows some igbo folks who can't speak igbo, yet they speak Yoruba fluently! Imagine that!!
Anyway, i’ve started the ‘language journey’ today…..God help me. Do you have any tips you can share with me on how to make the communication and learning process easier? Please share in the comment section………thank you!
Just look at me! This is supposed to be an ‘Office looks’ post but i have digressed and rambled away. Typical! *Tufiakwa…loool!*
Ok, so this is the 5th look in the office series out of 6 looks *one more to go…yippie!*. For this look, I went with neutral eyes and lips, and then a pop of colour (blue) on the lower lash-line

I didn’t contour the corners of my eyes ‘cos i didn’t want any depth…..i wanted the look to be as simple as possible. However, it looked too bland, so i added the blue on the lower lashline. I also added a white eyeshadow in the inner corners to brighten up the eyes.

Lips are neutral, blush is neutral.

So there goes the 5th look! Remember that you can tweak it if you want by adding a different colour on your lower lash line instead of blue. You can choose the color based on your outfit. Apart from the office, this look can be worn for school runs, casual outings and church.
Hope you like it….. i gats to go…..i’m sooooo sleepy my eyes are totally closing on their own!
PS: Who attended the Enugu makeup fair today? How did it go?

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  1. Oh! That's still my old hair in the pics.The post was in my drafts.

  2. Lol, the great Story teller. Hmm I don't have any advice oh, just speak it often and let your hubby do the same too, and maybe give little little rewards to them the day they try to speak well.
    I love the look, is like learning make up is not my thing at all. Which one is eye contouring and "depth" again? I still feel like a newbie.
    Check you time setting I feel it's wrong, I. Checked this blog yesterday afternoon there was no post, but I'm seeing "13:55" now.
    P.s: I've seen and replied you since oo, I don't know why my mails are getting lost in the air.

  3. I had almost finished reading the story before I noticed it was a makeup post. I love the neutral lip.

  4. i just love your lipsssssss, i mean the color lol....
    i have to start investing in nude lippies.
    This is really cute:)

  5. Ocho nma jide aku. Igbo for the kids very important. Jisike.

  6. I attended the Enugu Makeup Fair and it was fuunnn. There's a new post up on my blog for the EMUF...As for the language thing,keep it up. There's nothing like being able to communicate in your mother tongue. Your kids will grow up and appreciate you for it someday.

  7. The early d better. I speak often to my kids n they understand my problem is people around me.

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