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BEAUTY TALK | Makeup tips for hooded eyes.

Dearly beloved…….
It’s another episode of ‘Beauty talk’, and today, we’ll be talking about hooded eyes.
How many of you have hooded eyes? You don’t know what i mean by hooded eyes?
Ok, lemme rephrase the question…….
Do you apply eyeshadow on your eyelids, and then once you open your eyes, bam! you can't see the eyeshadow anymore? *Your eyeshadow is like “Now you see me…and now you don’t!”*.
Yup, those are hooded eyes!

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With hooded eyes, the lids are usually puffy or hang down towards the eyes, and covers the eyeshadow. Well, if you are the ‘proud owner’ of hooded eyelids, you can admit that it’s very frustrating applying eyeshadow on them ‘cos unlike those people that you can still see their eyeshadow while their eyes are open, yours just vamoose like that! *Eeeees a magical something!*.

First of all, i’ll like to let you know that you are not alone…….scores and scores of women all over the world have hooded eyes. Even celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Cate Blanchett, Renee Zellweger, (and lots more) have hooded eyes *and yet they wear makeup don’t they?*
However, having such eyes is not so bad, and thankfully, there's a way around it……in this post, i will be sharing some tips on how to apply makeup on hooded eyes with you
Fill your eyebrows in a way that you have a strong, somewhat high arch…this would make your eyelids appear larger with enough space for your eyeshadow.

See how the arch was raised to create more space on the lids/hood for eyeshadow?

Use eyelashes to enhance your eyes. However, when choosing your false lashes, please avoid those ones that have full and thick lashes all the way across…using those kids would cover your lids more and make your eyes look even smaller. Rather, go for those lashes that are longer on the outer parts (Like Ardell Demi wispies). If you can’t use false lashes, then use a good lengthening mascara.

Place eyeshadow above the crease and on the actual hood itself.

When applying your eyeshadow, you may need to place eyeshadow color above your crease and on the actual hood itself (like in the picture above). If your crease is completely hidden, you can apply a dark eyeshadow above you actual crease (even if it’s on the hood). It will make it look like you have a visible crease. Also, place more eyeshadow on the outer parts of the eyes.

Eyeshadow is applied on the actual hood and also on the lower lids.

Now, this is very important….. play up your lower lids by using mascara on your lower lashes and applying eyeshadow on your lower eyelids (since your upper lids are hidden).

Eyeshadow is applied on the lower lids even though the upper lids are hidden.

Oh…..and remember to use light shimmery eyeshadows to highlight your brow bone.

So that’s basically it! These tips would really help your makeup game if you have hooded eyes…..and if you are an upcoming makeup artiste reading this, now you know how to handle clients that have such features.
You’re welcome…..

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  1. I saw hooded eyes and felt I could relate, mine is Opon! I have big opon(forehead) and my eyes didn't quite pop out, so I thought that was what u meant by "hooded" lol. I see my eyeshadow well
    Lovely tutorial welldone.

  2. Thanks for this post


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