Tuesday, 23 September 2014

'FIX IT!' | Dried out mascara tube.

Good evening ladies…
Hope you are all doing okay.
You know how you buy a tube of mascara and the product inside dries out after a while, and you throw it away or just abandon it in a bag of forgotten makeup items? Or how your compact powder, blush or eyeshadow falls down and breaks into pieces, and you ditch it because it messes up your makeup purse? Or even how your lipstain dries up and makes application practically impossible and you end up tossing it? Well, all that ditching, abandoning and tossing is about to stop *Somebody shout halleluyaaaaah!*.

 Here’s introducing a ‘Fix-it!’ series in which i would share tips complete with step-by-step pictures on how you can fix and revive your broken makeup products, because let’s face it……makeup isn’t cheap! It doesn’t make sense throwing out products that you haven’t really used properly just because it broke or dried up…..it sucks even more if it was expensive!

That’s how Mish went to my makeup purse the other day, took out my beloved ‘Aswaani’ lipstick and smashed it up in a bid to ‘rub’ it on her lips. She ended up messing up the white sofa in my studio with it, and what did the ‘lil imp do? She snuck upstairs and hid.
I imagine that what happened was that she rolled it all the way out of the tube and ‘rubbed’ it, then when it was time to roll it back in, she couldn’t figure out how to do that, so she tried pushing it in with her fingers…..of course it got smashed, and she rubbed off the product on her fingers on the white sofa and then snuck upstairs to hide. When i saw the lipstick and the sofa, of course i saw red! I found and threatened to spank her, but she didn’t even flinch….not even a courtesy gasp. I sha spanked her veeery well and she didn’t get any cookies that day *weeeeked winsh of a mummy…..i know but……*.
Anyway, we shall be starting this series with fixing a dried out mascara tube. I bought this mascara a while ago, and i really like it. My favorite part of it is the wand….i like how small and thin the brush is. The good thing about this kind of brush is that it can fit in any kind of lashes (long, short, unruly and short, extremely curly……etc). Well, i bought this tube for N500, and i can't fit to waste it. Add N400 to that N500 and i can buy Zuri a can of Cerelac, so i cannot comman be wasting money like that……..

Let’s fix eeeeeet!
All you need is a bottle of Visine eyedrops (visine because it’s mild), and your dried out mascara.

Add some drops of visine into the tube.
Swirl your mascara wand around inside the tube (or hit the tube on your palm repeatedly).
Pull out the wand and check if you need to add more visine (the quantity you should add depends on how dried out the product is).
Swirl or hit again.
That’s it!

Visine and mascata tube
Dried out wand

Adding drops of visine

Checking to see if it needs more visine

My revived mascara wand.

NOTE: Never pump your mascara wand in the tube ‘cos pumping pushes air into it and dries the product out quicker.

I’m so glad i could share something new with you today. No more throwing makeup away!!!! *yippieee!*. Let’s do this again sometime.

Besos dears.

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  1. Hahaha leaver her oo, young makeup artist lol :)

    Thnks for d tips :) hope to see more fixit tips :D

  2. Nice one. Is it the wand or the content of the mascara tube this "fix it" is for.

    1. It's for both of 'em .......the wand and the contents of the tube.

  3. I just learnt about the adding drops of visine to dried up mascara very recently! Makes some sense though.... But then again what if the mascara has exceeded its life span of 6months, is it still ok to keep it?


    1. Actuall, the shelf life of a mascara tube is 3-4 months after which it should be thrown out. If it exceeds 3-4 months, it's not ok to keep it.
      But me sha, as long as its only me using it, I use it as long as I want, but if its the one I use for other people, I throw it out after 3 months.

      Infact, you have just inspired me to do a post about makeup products ahelf life.

  4. Nice..I did a post about makeup product shelf life a lng time ago..maybe a year ago..


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