Sunday, 14 September 2014

Introducing the 'Q & A Series'.

Hiya Ladies!
Why are weekends sooooo short? Ahn-ahn! You go to bed on Friday night, and before you know it, you wake up and “BAM” It’s Monday morning! Eeeees it good? Eeeees it fair? I think the federal gofament should look into it ooo! Something has to be done.
Okay, let’s get serious.

Did i mention a few posts ago that i would be starting a ‘Q & A Series’? I didn’t? *my bad*.
I decided on it a while ago because like most beauty bloggers, i keep getting questions about skin care and makeup from different readers. I answer these questions to the best of my knowledge and ability, and right after i answer one question, someone else asks the same question again. I answer, and the question comes yet again only in a different format and with different words.
So i came up with the idea of starting a ‘Q & A Series’ where i would post questions frequently asked by my readers and also my answer below the questions. The idea behind this series is that if i do it this way, readers who have the same questions can get to benefit from the answer that would be given and this would save them the trouble of sending emails, and save me the trouble of answering the same question repeatedly. Hey…I might even collaborate with some other beauty bloggers and get them to answer some of the questions!
I’ll be starting the series this week *by HIS grace*, and it won't be limited to specific days *like the Facials Fridays series*, rather i would post them spontaneously.
Now before that, i would have to loud say this…….
I am NOT a dermatologist, but i happen to have basic knowledge of beauty and skin care. It is this knowledge that i am ever willing to share with you ladies, and if in any case i have to refer you to a trained dermatologist, i would do so.

Now, ‘hask haway’!
Besos amigos.

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  1. Hello.. i have got a very oily skin. Apart from mary kay foundation, pls what other foundation can i use that is good and a bit cheap?

    1. Hullo!

      This isn't quite what i had in mind, but i'll reply anyway...

      What you need is an oil-free, sillicone-based or water-based foundation. Have you tried using Revlon color stay foundation? They have the one for oily/combination skin and the one for normal/dry skin. Get the one for oily/combination skin....its specially formulated for those skin types.....not as cheap as Marykay though.

      You can also try Zaron's oil-free foundation....its about N2,000 - N3,000.

    2. you can also try marykay matte foundation, it works 4 mii sha

  2. Pls any idea on how I can stop/avoid the annoying white line that forms on the inner lip a few minutes after lipstick or lip gloss application

    1. Hmnnnn.....that white line ehn!

      I've discovered that it mostly shows up when i don't drink water for a long to prevent it, i stay hydrated.
      It's concentrated saliva that cakes up and sticks to the lipgloss or lipstick. Mostly occurs if you talk quite a lot without drinking stay hydrated.

      Also, i think some lipstick or lipgloss formular makes it form easily too.

    2. I also think sometimes when u hv a lot of product concentrated in tht area it cld cause this so when u apply put ur finger into ur mouth making sure u make an "O" shape and pop ur finger out..hope u get this.It takes out any excess gloss u hv on there..

  3. Please can you do a tutorial on brows? Plus, I have really dry skin, especially my legs, its embarrassing, any ideas on how to revive my skin?

    1. I've done a pictorial on brows in the past, but that was in the past....i have improved a lot since then, so i will do another one soon.

      About your legs, it's all about finding a very good oil-based moisturizer to combat the dryness. You can also use a moisturizing oil on them too.

  4. This is so true! I can relate. A very thoughtful solution here


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